10 gift ideas for babies

Gifting a toddler can be a challenging chore; this is because you don’t know whether they’ll like it or not. As if that is not enough, you also have to consider other factors such as baby safety. Luckily enough, here’s a piece on ten gift ideas for babies worth considering. 

1. A baby carrier

While some might argue that a baby carrier might be a parental gift, we have reason otherwise. A baby carrier/sling will serve the baby more compared to the parent. So that being said, consider passing by your nearest baby shop and get that baby a carrier or a sling wrap. Pro tip: consider the baby’s age and size before making the purchase. Otherwise, the gift will be in vain.

2. A pacifier 

Most individuals look down on pacifiers and consider them as a small gift. However, this notion is not true. A pacifier might turn out to be a useful gift than one can imagine. Comforting or quieting down a baby can be a hustle on its own, especially to a new parent. Luckily with a pacifier, you can turn the tied around and control a crying baby. Pro tip: Make sure you gift them a pacifier with different prints; they love them.

3. Skincare products

Another gift to keep in mind is skincare products. These can range from shampoos, baby lotion to massage oil to diaper cream, and baby soap. Since babies have sensitive skin, make sure your purchase products strictly for babies. 

4. Baby boy clothes 

If you love clothes, then what are the chances that a baby won’t love a set of new clothes. Baby boy clothes are one of the easiest to gift. They include mittens, vests, bibs, and even caps. Just ensure that you avoid synthetic fabric and stick to cotton when buying the gift.

5. A photo album

Another priceless item in this list is a photo album. Gifting a baby with a photo album helps parents mark all the first milestones of their baby. When they first crawled and walked. When they first talked. When they took their first bite of solid food, these pictures are priceless. When the child grows up, they get to see where they came from.

6. Baby swaddling cloth and sheets 

Babies are generally a mess, hence the need to own numerous clothes. Gifting a baby numerous sheets might come in handy on multiple occasions, such as traveling or going outdoors. 

7. Rattlers and musical toys

Babies love rattles and musical toys. It helps soothe them and keep them busy. Therefore, with that in mind, don’t be afraid to get a baby a rattler. The market is full of exciting and adorable choices. Just ensure that your entertainer is nontoxic and can’t be swallowed in any way. 

8. Room décor

Gifting babies is not about buying them toys and clothes; it also includes services. Offering to decorate a baby’s room can be a better gift than buying them candy or a toy. Decorating a baby’s room might be engaging and tiresome. However, it might also be a fun idea to engage in.

9. Baby bath products

Babies love getting baths. Most of them love playing with water. So to keep their mind off the water, gifting them with a bath duck might turn out to be useful than imagined. 

10. Cot mobiles

The last item in this list is a cot mobile, which can engage a child while allowing the caregiver to attend to other products. 

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