10 Steps To Plan Your Engagement This Time of Pandemic

You’ve been dating for a while. You’re comfortable with each other and you know it’s now to start planning your engagement. But how do you go about doing that? There is no denying that this time of pandemic has been a difficult one. The fear and uncertainty can be felt in the air, whether it’s from the news media, your family members, or simply just living in general. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Step One: Get the ring. There are many different styles for engagement rings Melbourne, some with diamonds or without them, but you need to start this process by getting yourself a ring. It is also important that you get one that matches her personality and your style – it will be on her finger every day so make sure she likes it before buying it! Ask your partner what type of jewelry they like now since there may not be a time in the future to customize an engagement ring after all of these stores have been emptied out due to panic over the pandemic.

Step Two: Set up a date night at home. Nowadays, we spend most of our evenings watching TV while sitting on opposite ends of the couch- which doesn’t really bode well when you want to propose. So don’t wait for your next vacation or a Saturday night – instead, plan a date night at home (or in the middle of winter if that’s what it takes). This will be an intimate experience where you can ask her to marry you with all of your family and friends gathered around on one side as witnesses.

Step Three: Put together a proposal playlist. You may not think this is necessary but trust us- going through these songs during this difficult time helps remind couples how much they love each other and what life could be like after the pandemic has subsided. It also gives them something else to focus on while holding back tears from watching news reports about people dying left and right because of the virus.

Step Four: Get a ring box first. You’re not going to propose without one! It may be hard since most stores are sold out but you can go online or order it from a company that specifically makes them for engagement rings. Making these preparations in advance is key because this pandemic has only just begun and there will still be many more people getting engaged over the next few months- well into 2020, even with an optimistic outlook where everything starts heading back to normal by next year’s spring season. Be prepared so she doesn’t have to wait too long before saying yes!

Step Five: Compile a list of her favorite things (or what you know about her). This way if she gets overwhelmed during the proposal, she can take a deep breath and remember what’s coming up next. This list will also be helpful for your DJ or videographer to know which songs you want to be played during the process- from her favorite artist to recent hits that remind you of happy memories together.

Step Six: Make sure everything is perfect on this special day! Think about how many times in life you’ll propose so make it count by making all of her hopes and dreams come true; think back to when she was born and create an engagement package just for her with things like flowers, candles, confetti, a sticky bra – whatever makes HER feel special on THIS monumental occasion. Put yourself into the equation too because we’re not going to lie – this time of pandemic has been hard on everyone.

Step Seven: Get a professional photographer and videographer to document the engagement process for you! It may be hard at first but in the end, it’s well worth it- not only will they capture this moment in time for you so that you can cherish these memories forevermore, but their services also help make your special day even more memorable by adding those little touches like balloons or confetti that just aren’t possible without outside assistance.

Step Eight: Don’t forget about her parents – phone them up and tell them how much she means to you before inviting them out today as well. Let her know ahead of time what is going on because if she gets overwhelmed during your proposal (which we don’t want!), then she’ll be able to take a deep breath and think about her favorite memories with them.

Step Nine: Give your significant other the day off from work! It’s hard for anyone to focus on anything when there are so many people dying or getting infected in their community but it is especially difficult during this time of pandemic- which means that you might need to adjust how much they have been working before proposing today. Of course, if they’re self-employed then this may not apply – but we still recommend giving them some form of break like bringing breakfast into bed and watching Netflix together as an “employee.”

Step Ten: Last but not least, don’t forget what really matters most: love. No matter where life takes you, remember that no matter what circumstance is thrown your way- there will always be love.

In conclusion, make sure you plan every detail of your engagement this time of pandemic so that she knows how much you care and never want to leave her side or be away from her for a second.


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