10 Undeniable Reasons to Love Solar Power

While the trend of solar power in renewable energy has been around for a while now, most people still don’t see why they should consider going solar. When you take time to study the personal, environmental, and economic benefits of solar power, you realize that it has something for everyone. 

Here are ten undeniable reasons to switch to solar power systems.

Top 10 Reasons to Love Solar Power Systems.

  1. The most compelling advantage of solar power systems is that it relies on a source that will never deplete, that is, the sun. You can install solar panels wherever the sunlight reaches. As long as the sun keeps rising, you’ll keep benefitting from solar energy.
  2. Solar power systems are also a highly efficient energy source. It would require only 0.4% of the total land area of the US or not more than 10 million acres of space for solar photovoltaics (PV) to produce all of the country’s electricity. 
  3. The cost of solar energy has fallen drastically over the years. According to a study published in PV Magazine, solar costs have declined by 82% since 2010. The massive cost reductions are attributed to tech developments, economies of scale, the growing experience of developers, and supply chain competitiveness.
  4. The installation costs for solar power systems are also decreasing dramatically, giving you another reason to switch to this attractive renewable energy source.
  5. Solar power systems help ELIMINATE your electricity bills. Yes, you heard that right. If your solar power system generates enough energy to address all your electricity consumption needs, you won’t have to pay a penny for it. Considering that electricity bills make a significant proportion of your home or business’s electricity bill, solar power can lead to massive savings.
  6. Although the initial costs may seem outrageously high, the high return on investment (ROI) for solar energy makes it an attractive, worthwhile option. In around 7 to 8 years, you should be able to pay off your home solar panel system and experience an ROI of 20% or more.
  7. Solar power systems make your home a high-profile property. Solar installations are becoming a huge factor for home appraisers as they value properties for sale. On top of that, as people recognize the potential of solar power, the demand for homes with solar panels is growing at exponential rates. Hence, solar power systems won’t just lead to a high property value but also enable you to sell your home quickly. 
  8. Unlike traditional sources of energy, solar power is an environment-friendly and sustainable energy source. By reducing the carbon footprint, it makes this world a safer place to live for upcoming generations.
  9. Solar power is also a more reliable source of electricity. When electricity needs to be transmitted to long distances via extensive networks, the power supply remains vulnerable to breakdowns and interruptions. With solar panels right on your property’s roof, you have a 24/7, uninterrupted source of electricity supply at your disposal.
  10. Using solar power systems also fosters job creation, which in turn drives economic growth. In 2017 alone, the renewable energy sector led to the creation of half a million jobs, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). 


By now, you should have developed an in-depth understanding of what it’s like to invest in solar power systems. If you’re looking for a solar solution optimized for high ROI, Tejas Solar is the right agency for you. It offers the latest solar energy panels, storage, and service packages to help you achieve your goals.

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