11 Things About Car Rental You May Not Have Known

It is difficult to imagine modern life without cars. Therefore, car rental has become a common thing. A huge number of people resort to the services of rental companies when they go on vacation or a business trip.

Firstly, it may be cheaper than public transport, especially if you travel abroad. Besides, it is convenient. You can create a unique route without being dependent on various schedules. It all makes any trip more enjoyable.

There are many car rental sites, and each of them has its own nuances. In this variety, you can surely find the option to match your budget. But at the same time, you may face a lot of unpleasant surprises such as hidden payments or unjustified costs for additional services. What should you know before booking a car?

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You can adjust the price of your booking. Everyone knows that early booking has a lot of benefits, from a better price to the ability to choose exactly the car model you want. But there is one interesting nuance.

You should monitor the price after the booking is made and if the company starts some discounts, you have every right to ask for price adjustment.

Recheck the rates on the official sites. Most often, the cars are booked through third-party sites. But there can be better deals through a direct site as companies sometimes share various discount codes.

And it does not mean the same deals will be available through an intermediary.

Non-airport offices are always cheaper. If a rental company keeps an office in the airport, it pays a special fee that is always passed to the customer.

So try to arrange a car collection not from an airport location.

Weekends are the best days for car rent. Weekdays are always more expensive days for car rent due to high demand. So if you do not have specific dates for your trip, start it on Thursday. The rates are the most attractive from Thursday to Sunday.

You will need to pay for the additional driver. Always check the cost of adding a second driver to your rental agreement. Going on a lengthy trip, people often automatically add an additional driver and then get an unexpected plus to the final cost.

Moreover, you will be charged liability rental car insurance for that driver as well. Check it in advance.

Insurance – related things. Insurance is a key component when renting a car. All rental companies will offer you to buy one. There are several types of them:

  • Loss Damage Waiver. It includes Collision Damage Waiver and insurance against Theft.
  • Third-Party Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Additional services. When driving, you may need a GPS navigator, child seats, and other things. Renting these components can be unbelievably expensive, and it is much cheaper to bring these items with you.

Returning the car earlier can cost you more. Always try to keep the car for the entire agreement length. Many rental companies impose penalties for an early return no matter how strange and unfair it may seem.

All cancellations are free. You should not be afraid to cancel your car booking. You will not be charged for it if it is done not later than 24 hours before your booking is supposed to start.

Do not rush to prepay for your booking as in this case, it may be more difficult to return the costs.

Fuel tank rule. When renting a car, check what level of fuel in the tank is prescribed in the agreement for the moment of return. As a rule, the standard rule applies –  you receive a car with a full tank and return it with a full one too.

This requirement may vary depending on a rental company, so it is better to recheck it to avoid extra costs.

Cleaning your rental car may cost you a fortune if you do not arrange it in time. It is crucial to clean a rental car properly right before returning it to the company.

Leaving your car dirty may cause a delay for the next customer, and the company will ask you to compensate for this inconvenience.

Do not blindly trust everything you hear from a representative of a rental company. It is a must to attentively read the rental agreement personally and clarify all the points you do not fully understand.

Of course, companies do not have the intention to deceive you. They may simply not mention some information and mislead you. So rent your car wisely and pay less.

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