3 Things You Can Learn About Squat Stand

It is an important part of weight training. One can find squat racks in almost every gym. These racks are used for several purposes in the gym. Squat stands play an important role in one’s workout routine. One can perform various exercises with the help of a squat stand.

Squats are performed by a lot of people around the world. Different types of durable squat racks are found in a gym lover’s household or a gym. The four main exercises that are performed regularly by people are dumbbells, barbells, squat stands and bench presses.

What to look for while purchasing a squat stand?

Since squat stands are used every day and do not have to be replaced regularly, one must remember few things while purchasing squat racks. Some of the important points include:

  • The size of the rack plays an essential role while purchasing a squat stand. One must consider the surroundings that it is being placed in. The height of the person also determines the purchase of the rack.
  • One must purchase a good quality squat stand and shouldn’t easily compromise when it comes to the quality of the squat rack, as it cannot be replaced frequently. One might have to use the same squat stand for many years.
  • The price of the rack plays an important role. Different types of racks might be priced differently. The dimensions, weight, features and other specifications determine the price of the squat stand. One can look for a warranty card on the equipment which is given on such products.

What are the different types of squat stands?

There are a lot of types of squat stands that might be used for various purposes. At least one of any kind of squat stand is found in the gym. The five main types of racks include:

  • An original squat rack is an open power rack. It has its advantages and attachments. They have suitable dimensions and weight and are decent for daily purposes.
  • A power rack is popular but unsuitable for beginners and usually cannot be placed in a household. However, they are versatile and convenient and have many attachments.
  • A fold-away squat rack is suitable for small places. One can fold the stand when it is not required.
  • The half-rack is a popular kind. As the name suggests, the dimensions of a half tack are smaller than a power rack. It is suitable for all surroundings and even households.

What is the difference between a squat stand and a power cage?

A squat rack and a power cage serve almost the same purpose. However, there are a few differences between the two. A power cage has placement space at the bottom that helps one place the bar. In a squat stand, one might have to place the bar on the floor.

The exercise patterns in a squat stand and a power cage differs. In a power cage, one can perform deadlifts, chin-ups and pull-ups, whereas, in a squat rack, one can perform bench presses and squats.

The main advantage of a squat stand which is a disadvantage for a power cage, is that a power cage consumes a lot of space. On the other hand, a squat stand does not consume a lot of space and can be placed in a household. Since the dimensions of a power cage are more prominent than a squat stand, it costs more. One does not have to spend a lot of money on squat racks.

A good piece of equipment decides the workout mood. One must put a lot of thought and effort into a product that has to be used for many years. Choose wisely and make every workout worth it!

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