4 Tips And Tricks For Using An Online Whiteboard App

When it comes to sharing your ideas through a remote setting, there is no better way to do it than to use an online whiteboard app.

Due to recent developments, many IT companies and education centers are forced to move to the online world. And while some cannot work this way, online whiteboards help eliminate many core issues. 

In this article, we will look at a couple of tips and tricks for using online whiteboard apps.

So with all that said, let’s start.

  • Help the Teacher Convey Ideas

The way we can utilize these apps is the same as we would with a physical whiteboard. When it comes to learning, teachers can use this technology to help convey ideas to their students. 

Regardless of what the subject of the class is, the teacher can use the whiteboard app to teach the same way they would in the classroom. Since many of these apps have similar real-world functionalities that help the teacher explain the subject, it makes it the perfect tool.

On the whiteboard, the teacher can write, draw, highlight, and even capture screenshots for the purpose of printing. But these apps can be used in other scenarios. Let’s also look at that.

  • Help With Remote Work

Companies throughout the world are struggling to get their employees in the office. Remote work is popular, but no one anticipated that we’d have to use it to such an extent. 

Nowadays, nearly everyone has had to work from home at some point. This can be rather tricky for those that aren’t tech-savvy and part of a team setting. 

Luckily for you, online whiteboard apps allow you to invite other people over to your board and work together on the project. This is probably the biggest strength of the technology, and that makes it very convenient.

By allowing your board to be accessible to everyone on your team, you are eliminating a lot of communication issues. Since many of these apps allow you to add sticky notes, your team members can coordinate better by leaving notes throughout the board.

  • Help With Presenting 

A great thing about whiteboard apps is that they can be used to present a project idea. This was done even before remote work was a thing. Employees would use these apps as a substitute for Microsoft PowerPoint. 

But whereas PowerPoint is exclusively for presenting projects, online whiteboard apps can be a lot more. For example, you can group multiple objects and present them as a single object. Since there is no limitation to how much space you’re using, all you’ll need to do is simply navigate to this single object to present it.

Whiteboard apps also come with a greater degree of structure. While you might think that your presentation will look “all over the place”, that is simply not true.

Many of these apps have aligning tools that can spread across multiple frames. Once selected, you can choose which way you want to align the objects and that will give the presentation a greater degree of structure. 

And lastly, although certainly not the least, you have the option to distinguish different objects with different colors. Certain online whiteboard apps have a few colors for you to choose from while others have many more. This is done so that the viewer can distinguish one object from another and it simply looks professional.

  • Help By Automatically Connect Multiple Objects

When it comes to creating a connection between two objects on the whiteboard, the best way to do it is through structural linking. It’s very easy to link two objects on these apps, and all you need to do is simply use the appropriate tool to do so. But sometimes you might think that moving one object will break the link. And you are certainly true as not every whiteboard app has this. But it’s safe to say that the best ones will automatically reroute the connection after moving a shape. Read more about: pagalworld


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