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5 Crucial Reasons why outsourcing mobile app development is relevant in 2021

For mankind, questions like ‘Is there a God?’, ‘Where do we come from?’ ‘Which company is an expert in mobile app development technology’ are eternal. However, that doesn’t downplay the importance of a good mobile application development agency in the eCommerce scenario. According to studies, there are more than 5.11 billion mobile users across the world, and going by the trends, it shows that the number of users is only going to increase in the coming years. Since most of these users currently have access to the internet on their smartphones, thus it’s a no-brainer to conclude what it means for mobile eCommerce business owners. 

The Deloitte 2020 global outsourcing survey says how the worldwide trend of outsourcing mobile app development has crossed $88.9 billion in 2019-2020, because of a number of factors. But, one of the main reasons has to be the lack of internal expertise in coming up with the latest designs and features, which indirectly can save a lot of time and investment. All the more in 2021 when companies are recovering from the pandemic super fast and coming out bigger and stronger this time. But, if you’re still in two minds about getting things outsourced, here are seven most substantial ways how outsourcing literally fills the gap: 

1. Time and Cost-effective

For few business owners, outsourcing any technical service automatically translates into spending more. Little do they realize that developing an app from scratch via an in-house team can cost double than the former, given the overhead expenses. Then there are the chances of delays in order to keep up with further meaningful modifications – taking your time and effort away from the attention areas in your business. 

Experts say that with the right outsourcing methods, business owners can save up to 75% of the development costs. The very same reason why 59% of businesses are converting to outsourcing in the current times. 

2. Better efficiency in dedicated teams

Unlike your in-house team that moves from one project to another, outsourcing a dedicated team specially for your mobile app development process is much more seamless and easy to manage. These dedicated developers also bring the high-end technology required to incorporate superfast performance into your applications. 

Such quality work and assembly line evaluation methods give your products the amount of excellence it requires. 

3. Quicker turnarounds 

Because outsourcing requires consistent and transparent monitoring of every development process, the enterprises work together to deliver your project at the fastest deadlines. This way it is easier to pinpoint the area that requires focus and work quickly to resolve any disruptions. This entire process not just removes any bottlenecks, but also gives the outsourcing agency unique ways to manage their teams. 

4. Tighter security protocols

No mobile app can do without at-par security protocols, especially when there are so many instances of data-risks and phishing threats already. Having an outsourced technical service provider can reduce the chances of getting vulnerable to data theft of your users. Their legality contracts and NDAs can also provide your mobile app with good leverage, if required. 

5. Round the clock support

One of the most preferred reasons for enterprises to opt for outsourcing digital solutions is the freedom to stay wired at all times. This works best because of the different time zones for the dedicated team and the business working hours, which makes it faster and convenient to get any support or service during app development, as well as long after its deployment. 

Based on the same principles, here are a few companies that we have found relevantly helpful for business owners across the world if you’re thinking about getting your mobile app development outsourcing:

They are an end-to-end creative digital solutions provider who works with several brands and provides strategy and consulting in web design and development. They specialize in SEO, Social Media Marketing, mobile application development, web designing, and online reputation management for brands. 

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They provide custom mobile-based digital services, specializing in enriching and enhancing customer experience by mobile application development. They are exclusively application designers with industry-specific and technology-driven solutions powered by frameworks like Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node JS. 

Being a leading provider of mobile application development services, CodeClouds are the industry experts with more than a decade of experience in the field. They are innovative, believers in transparent communication, quick in turnarounds, and consistent towards their commitment. Their solutions are versatile and cost-effective, which more than 1,000 brands across the world rely on. Based in Kolkata, India, they are present in the major cities of Sydney (Australia), Wellington (New Zealand), and Indiana (USA).  

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Outsourcing mobile app development services can give you an edge over your competitors in the market as well as save you precious time and money. Their years of experience and dedicated team of developers across the world can enrich your app development qualitatively in the long term. You can gain from such insights into any possible challenges and the risks involved only via outsourcing. So, the next time you think of outsourcing, weigh in your options wisely. Good luck!

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