5 Examples of Building a Strong Brand Positioning For Startup PR

Brand positioning is one important way that helps to differentiate your business from the competitors & how customers identify & connect with the brand. It is comprised of some important values and qualities that are quite synonymous with the organization.

There are many ways to convey brand positioning through various means that include voice and tone, visual design & in a way the company represents in-person & over social media. There is just one surefire method to build the tone strong brand and it is brand positioning. You can consider Brandstyle Communications to build a strong brand for your business. Here is how you can successfully position your brand in the market. Let us go ahead and discuss how you can successfully position the brand in the market just by covering the topics:

Why’s Brand Positioning Important for your business?

You have the reputation no matter if you cultivate this or not, thus you may create the brand positioning strategy that will help you to take complete control of your brand reputation and image. Many years before, one soda company planned to offer a different product: and it was the first cola drink. While doing so, it positioned itself like the original. Today, Coca-Cola gets to benefit from many sales across the world & is the household staple drink; it is positioned in the minds of people as a gold standard soda.

Thus, brand positioning allows the company to differentiate from their competitors. Such differentiation helps in increasing the communication value, brand awareness, and justify costing, all impact its bottom line. Just like Coco-Cola, let us take some more examples and understand how brand positioning helped them:

1. Apple

Apple is a highly successful brand today. Doesn’t matter where you travel, every person has heard about this brand and associate it with high-end products, bright stores, unique design, as well as great employees. Also, their customer support is worth mentioning as although they have selected one perfect size strategy, this protocol of its stores is modified to the local tastes. They have successfully maintained a similar look in various locations but looking at their content on the Apple website is very carefully translated & localized for the international audiences.

2. Tesla

Tesla is a luxury brand, which is highly expensive than all other competitors. Due to this, they leave the price out of the branding and focused on the quality of the vehicles. Today, Tesla’s cars are known to be eco-friendly long-range, and electric —besides being the most luxurious vehicles.

Tesla varies from gas-powered luxury autos because all their vehicles are electric. They can differentiate themselves from the standard electric car as their vehicles are of better quality as well as have a longer range.

3. Starbucks

Starbucks success is completely attributed to the real customer experience over coffee consumption. Their primary emphasis is on the classy design, custom-made coffee, cosy atmosphere, fast service and friendly staff.

Some simple hacks like adding round tables for customers who come to their store alone do not feel lonely, this tells us how much they value and care and give attention to such minute details. They are the important parts of the daily life of the Millennials & social media has tried to promote the brand further. By offering a similar quality of service across the world, with a thought we’re all connected in a way.

4. Nike

For the athletes looking for quality and fashionable athletic wear, and Nike offers their customers the top-performing apparel & shoes that are made of the best quality materials. Their products are highly advanced in the athletic apparel industry due to Nike’s commitment to investment and innovation in modern technologies.

5. McDonald’s

One important element for the global success of McDonald’s is its uniformity. In any country you visit in the world, McDonald’s grants the same quality, food and experience. Consumers can rely on consistency & equal value irrespective of their location and this is what McDonald’s offers them.

We can contribute its success to cultural awareness. In addition to the universal meals, they have added a few customized offers in all the countries that they have entered and adjusted to the local desires of their consumers.

Final Words

It is important to identify & divide your target audience that will ensure that your brand positioning is effective and accurate for your personas. When your brand positioning statements are developed, you are on the way to marketing the business & developing a consistent message over all the platforms.

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