5 Important Things You Need To Know About Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) Flooring


LVT or luxury vinyl flooring is not at all the rolled vinyl flooring. This is a high-end flooring product, and due to several reasons, it stands at a much higher level than typical vinyl products or even laminate floor products.

In case you are going to select it as the flooring solution for your new home, there are a lot of things that you need to know about lvt. It is really important to understand why they have become so popular in recent days.

5 Important Things You Need To Know About Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) Flooring

Here I will tell you about the 5 important things that you should know about LVT or luxury vinyl tiles flooring. As I have mentioned earlier, this is not the typical vinyl flooring, so if you want to install it, you need to know these things.

1.     Right Now LVT Is Extremely Popular

A huge 6% of all the flooring renovations are made up of LVT or luxury vinyl flooring. This means, when it comes to replacing floors during remodeling, home renovation, or repairs, 6% of the time, LVT is selected.

So it is very clear how popular LVT is in recent days. In order to be more clear and specific, I would like to tell you that this 6% implies around 840 million square feet of flooring that is replaced with LVT every year.

2.     LVT Looks and Feels Like Natural Wood

Where many laminate flooring products appear like fake wood flooring, the LVT flooring has the ability to feel and look just like solid wood floors. The manufacturing process of LVT provides gain patterns, colors, deep textures, which were previously available only in engineered or solid hardwood flooring material.

The innovation development option of LVT has changed all of that, along with making LVT one of the hottest flooring options for homeowners.

3.     Water Resistant And Even Waterproof

You may know that laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring, along hardwood flooring can not be installed in areas that have moistures, such as the kitchen, bathroom. But the good news is this does not apply to luxury vinyl or LVT.

In most cases, the popular LVT flooring is at least water-resistant. There are also some variants that are considered waterproof flooring solutions. This extremely beneficial feature of LVT makes it the perfect flooring solution for the kitchen, bathroom, and even basement. It is perfect for those humid climate regions like Northwest and Portland.

4.     LVT Installation Options

Just like many laminate floorings, LVT can easily be installed as a floating floor option. So, there is no need to glue it or fasten it to the subflooring surface. Similar to other flooring materials, LVT also comes in different lengths and widths. You can snap or click them together.

The locking mechanism is built into the products, which is responsible for offering the watertight seal. So, there is no chance of water penetration through the floor. This is the reason why professionals can easily and quickly install them. If you want, you also can install it by yourself.

5.     LVT is less expensive

Many of the homeowners who want the feel and look of solid wood flooring often back out due to the high pricing of hardwood floorings. But those same homeowners get surprised when they get to know about the features of LVT.

While LVT offers the same feel and looks just like a hardwood floor, the cost is much cheaper. So, in case you want to save a bunch of money, you can switch your idea of getting a hardwood floor to get an LVT flooring. In addition to it, you will also save some at the time of installation.


So, these are the 5 things that are necessary to know in case you are planning to choose a flooring solution for your home. Keep LVT on your list. And specifically, if you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you should definitely think about this amazing flooring solution.

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