5 Link Building Strategies You Must Try In 2021

Link building is important when you are doing SEO and want to improve the SEO health of your website. There are many other benefits that you get from backlinks. But as you know, digital marketing and search engine algorithms are going to be transformed dramatically this year. So your link building strategies must be different for 2021. 

Have you updated all of your old link building strategies? If you have not done any updating of your old strategies, then here you are at the right place. Because here as a SEO reseller, we will let you know about the 5 best link building strategies for you. You will find these link building strategies very useful for you and you will get effective results out of them if you implement these strategies carefully.

Why Do You Need A Link Building Strategy? 

If you are doing it without anything planned, then there is not much benefit for you. So it is required to make a link building strategy and use it along with your SEO campaigns. Without a specified strategy, there will be no benefit. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make a strategy and then work according to it to build links for your website. In this post, you will get to know about the top five ways to build links. 

Top 5 Link Building Strategies To Use In 2021

You are open to using any of these strategies. All of these strategies are working and have provided proven results to many websites. Most of the big websites are also using one of these link building strategies. You can choose any of them according to your suitability and requirements. Most of the ways that we have mentioned below are easy and can be utilized without any investment or little investment. If you follow all of these strategies then you will get immense results with your backlinks. 

#1. Reclamation 

What if you already have so many backlinks generated for your website and still you are unaware of it? In many cases, it is found that websites have so many URL mentions on the web, but they don’t know about it. Being unaware of it, they never utilize those links. But you can reclaim all of such links redirecting to your website. You can contact any digital marketing agency to help you in such cases. They will help you find unclaimed backlinks. After finding the backlinks you can easily reclaim the authority. By doing this you will get many healthy backlinks for your website.

#2. Business Listings

Online business listings are just for netizens to find businesses. Do you think this way then you are completely wrong. Because business listings are a good source of traffic and leads for most online businesses. From backlinks to customer data and traffic to leads, you can get anything from business listings. For now, we are talking about backlinks, then you must have to utilize this feature available on the web. You just have to list your business everywhere and it will help you get more backlinks sending more traffic to your website.

#3. Guest Blogs

Writing for others, and compelling others to write on your website is the art of getting guest blogs. But why do you need guest blogs if you can write on your own? Well, it is all due to backlinks. Websites have been using this method to get backlinks for years. But still, this method is natural and more effective than any other method of generating backlinks. You can write guest blogs for other websites and mention your website there on their blogs to get a useful backlink. 

#4. Direct Approach

You can directly approach most of the writers, publishers and blogs out there. Encourage them to write about your brand. In return, you can also write about their brand. But this method is different from guest blogging. Because here you are directly approaching for backlinks. Some website publishers are out there to generate backlinks only. They won’t like any guest blog for you, rather than writing a guest blog then will be generating a backlink for your website only.; 

#5. Influencers

Micro-influencers or bloggers are helping brands to promote themselves. You can also get help from influencers while generating backlinks. Simply you can pay the influencers or you can do some favour for them. You can also send gifts, rewards and offers for influencers and ask them to write about your website to get authentic backlinks generated for you. 

Generating backlinks is not that hard, but generating authentic backlinks is the requirement of time. These days many SEO service providers and backlink generating tools are out there, those who provide useless link generation service. You don’t have to get help from any kind of service which provides junk backlinks to you. Because an unauthentic backlink can kill credibility on your site. So must try any of these top five link building strategies to get quality backlinks redirecting to your website.

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