5 main trends in the labor market

Welcome to the time machine!

No, we won’t be transported to the future. But we can close our eyes and remember what happened 15 years ago. Let’s do that!

Were you then seriously thinking about the professions of blogger, smm specialist, business analyst, solution architect?

With the development of technology, the world is changing so rapidly that dozens of new opportunities are emerging. And with them, professions.

What will affect the development of the labor market in the coming years and what professions will be in demand in this regard?

Here are the top 5 trends that will have a significant impact on our work with you.

1. Accelerating technological and social change

Alvin Toffler as early as 1970 in his book “The Shock of the Future” stated the problem of technological and social acceleration in society. There have been changes before. But their speed in the XXI century is ten times faster. Whereas electricity took decades to develop, smartphones have spread around the world in just a few years.

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All subsequent changes will occur with even greater speed. And the people who can keep up with these changes will be in demand and most competitive.

2. automation and robotics

Already today, robots are helping to perform complex surgical operations. And until recently, it was surprising when a robot answered us instead of a human.

With the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, automation and robotization will become increasingly tangible. This means that many routine functions will be performed by robots, replacing human labor. For example HR professionals have more time due to implementation of automatic time tracking software

3. Globalization

The increasing spread of globalisation and integration is having an impact on the requirements for applicants. The need to work in a multilingual and multicultural environment and to communicate with business partners from all over the world has already become a reality.

This means that knowledge of foreign languages, the ability to adapt flexibly to new conditions and mentality, the ability to quickly find new information are qualities that should be present not only in the employees of the future, but also in the present.

4. greening of lifestyles and production processes

Environmentally responsible and sustainable habits are becoming not just a trend, but a standard for today’s professionals in all professional fields.

Traditional consumer use of natural resources should be shifted towards reasonable, economical and careful use of resources. Because sustainable development of the economy and society is possible only if natural resources, fauna and flora are preserved.

5. Changes in consumer preferences

We observe how quickly people’s attitudes to work, leisure, consumption and life in general are changing. Consumer demands are increasing, slowly, but the share of the middle class is increasing. All this affects the requirements that are imposed on employees, especially in the sphere of services and sales. More often not goods and services are sold, but emotions. It is important to understand this and to be able to build communication with potential and existing clients in such a way that they receive exclusively positive impressions from communication, and the purchase of goods or services is associated with these pleasant emotions.

This means that more and more attention is being paid to so-called soft skills; they have already become mandatory for all categories of employees. Routine tasks can be performed for people by machines, but only people with professional competencies and non-specialized skills, in particular, knowledge of the basics of psychology, culture, etiquette rules, business correspondence, are able to organize a competent dialogue with the team and manage it. It is also important when communicating with customers and partners.

These and other trends influence the current state of the labour market and the formation of future professions. We will list the most interesting of them in the following article.

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