5 Must-Have Baking Essentials

Home Baking has become common today, as most homemakers make extra income via baking. Also, when you begin to bake cakes, you get to serve your family pastries and cakes out of healthy ingredients. With that said, one prime advantage of home baking is that you decide what goes inside the dish. As a result, you can keep your family away from high-calorie cakes and artificial sweetening agents in pastries.

Some people also consider baking to be a relaxing therapy and a to-go technique to suppress stress. So whatever be the reason, as an amateur baker, the right bakeware can get your job done without any hassle, and, this way, you also get better results!

Baking Essentials

Not everyone’s baking requirements are the same, as some might be into baking more pastries while others go only with cakes. Although, even if you only bake cakes, there are other differentiating factors to consider. For instance, if you bake tiered cakes, you must consider how many tiers you make. However, if you are a beginner in the world of cakes, here is a list of five essential bakeware you need to have from day one:

1. Rectangular Baking Pans

As you start baking, you might surely want a rectangular baking pan. However, as time goes, you can have circular or other pans depending on your shape preference. Meanwhile, a 9 x13 inch rectangular pan can come a long way if you want to bake some brownies or cookies. You can also get some bread recipes done using this baking pan. Furthermore, it can be of great use in your daily cooking for roasting meat apart from baking cakes and cookies.

2. Measuring Cups

As a baker, you’d know how flimsy a cake can turn with the wrong flour measurements. So, a reliable set of measuring cups is super important. Also, you cannot just have one measuring cup to get a cake done; you might need some wet and dry cups to measure flour, oil or water separately for precision. And for this, stainless steel cups are highly preferred because they are sturdy and durable. You will also need some measuring spoons for minor ingredients, as some tablespoons and teaspoons with size variations are the best to buy.

3. Cake Rings

If you wish not to go with a conventional single fruit flavoured cake and would love to bake layered cakes, a cake ring is the best to buy. These rings come in several sizes, but initially, you can go with standard sizes and have some rings with rolled edges. You can also find rings with adjustable clips, as they work well for making different sized layers in a single cake. These cake rings also let you refrigerate desserts without messing up that lovely circular shape!

4. Cake Moulds

Moulds come in versatile shapes and designs. So if you’re a beginner, you can have round ones for cupcakes. Meanwhile, moulds let you bake uniformly sized cakes or desserts that look professionally made. Moreover, with specific moulds, you can bake traditional and novelties cakes in the perfect shape. You also have material options with moulds, and if you are looking for sturdy and specific shaped moulds, copper is the go-to option. However, silicone moulds offer flexibility and come in multiple shape variants.

5. Pizza Pan

Baking isn’t always about cakes and pastries. More than 264 million pizzas are eaten each year in Australia, and they are baked! So, if you want to extend your recipes to pizzas and Focaccia, a round pizza pan is the best to buy. Meanwhile, deep-dish pizza pans usually have high metal sidewalls and work well while baking thick-crust pizzas. However, you can have a coupe pizza pan to bake pizzas of regular sizes.

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