5 Must Have Travel Apps for Summer 2021

Mobile Travel Application (Mobile Apps) App Development has revolutionised travel by offering ease, convenience and flexibility to users.

No longer does one have to rely on traditional travel agents and tour operators. Mobile App Developers now offer a variety of apps that can help you organise your Summer Vacation.

From booking a ticket, hotels and transfers to learning about and reserving excursions, activities and experiences; where to eat? what to do? where to go? It’s all now in the palm of your hand via an iOS or Android App Development.

Below are 5 Top Summer Travel Apps that are sure to get your Summer Vacation off to a great start, middle and finish.

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Booking Your Summer Vacation with a Travel App

1. Sky Scanner

The Sky Scanner Mobile App is perfect for those wanting to get booking their summer vacations. The Sky Scanner android mobile App offers users a wide range of features that makes booking flights, hotels and car hires very simple, easy and convenient.

Using the Sky Scanner mobile app, users can access a variety of filters and intelligent search options that help users to navigate their options in an efficient manner. The Sky Scanner Mobile App Developer has also included a fun ‘search everywhere’ function for those still undecided on where to go this summer for your summer vacation.

Getting Around this Summer

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is pretty much a must have for the modern traveller of today. With its popular offline capabilities, travellers can easily save their destination cities on its offline mode and then explore at leisure without data charges.

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Google Maps also provides easy routes for those travelling on foot or by car, making your holiday that much easier and simpler with no time wasted.

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Summer Vacation Planning using Travel Apps

3. Tripit

With the Tripit Mobile App, users can upload all their travel details including flights, transfers, tours and then access key details offline. Tripit recently announced that it would add guidance features for destinations in terms of safety and security as well. is the best entertainment website in the word

Finding Places on your Summer Vacation

4. Instagram

Perhaps one of the most authentic ways to discover a city is through the eyes of its locals. The Instagram Mobile App allows you to do just that and is able to inspire visitors with activities, excursions and experiences seamlessly.

Money Matters this Summer

5. XE Currency Converter

If you really want to know how much everything costs you in your home currency, the XE Currency Converter mobile application is easy to use, handy to operate and accurate. Using the XE Currency Converter mobile application users can speedily and accurately search for the currency you’re now using, type in any amount, and have it converted back to your home currency in a flash.

Users can also use this app offline however the rates may differ slightly. But it’s always good to know how much things cost exactly so you can better plan your journey. Click Exceptional Villas for more information

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