5 Types of People to Get Salary Advice From for Your New Job

Starting a new job you’ve worked hard to get is a dream come true. It likely took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get awarded the job you’ve had your eyes on for quite some time.

Now it’s time to get the ball rolling. But before you do that, there are some details to iron out first. For example, you may currently be in discussion about the salary you’ll be making.

Since this is a big deal and you want to get paid well, you were thinking of asking some people for advice. If you’re wondering who to consult about your upcoming job salary, here are five types of people who are good to ask.

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1. Colleagues

There may not have been a higher-up position open at your current job, so you sought work elsewhere. Before leaving, consult with a colleague who has a similar position. They can give you an idea of the salary range for your new job.

If you’ve worked with them a lot, they’ll be the correct type of person to consult. They’ll likely be comfortable divulging some details that another co-worker may not discuss.

Plus, they can offer other tips and suggestions on what to expect in your new job!

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2. Networking Group

If you’re a part of a networking group on LinkedIn or Facebook, use them to your advantage. Ask if anyone would be able to divulge what they’re making. Or, at the very least, they may let you know a range of what people like yourself get paid.

Of course, it depends on your skill level and experience. There are likely professionals in the group who are in the same shoes. If that’s the case, they may have excellent advice.

The more feedback you can get on how much you should get paid before settling on a salary, the better.

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3. Contract Lawyer

When it comes time to sign your contract and start your job, another person to consult is a contract lawyer.

A contract lawyer can look over the contract and see if everything is in order. They can also answer any questions you might have.

You may be a doctor who’s in need of a contract lawyer before signing an employment contract. Working with a contract lawyer with give you a second  set of experienced eyes to check over the salary details. They can consult you and let you know if anything seems amiss.

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4. Career Coach

A career coach may not be able to tell you what people in your industry make. Even so, they’ll be able to instill confidence in you to go after what you deserve.

You may be content to go with a lesser salary because you love the job a company has offered you. But if you have a career coach, they do an excellent job at reminding you that you shouldn’t settle.

If there’s an opportunity for you to make more, why not go for it! During the negotiation, all the company can say is no. If they really want you to work with them, they’ll be more than likely to accept your preferred salary.

5. Employment Agency

You may have hired a headhunter or had an employment agency step in to help you find work. Even though you have a job offer doesn’t mean you can’t ask them more questions!

The job interview they lined up for you likely had to meet your specifications. One request you may have included was the amount of money you’d like to make. It’s safe to say that the company that is hiring you aligns with your salary goals.

If you have any questions about what the company may have mentioned to the agency, don’t be afraid to ask. An agent you have a good relationship with should be forthright.

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You don’t want to miss out on any pertinent details, especially when it comes to your income!


Being offered your dream job is the best feeling in the world. Even though you have a right to feel excited, keep your salary in mind.

You may be anxious to sign the contract and start working right away.

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Before you do that, though, get input from people you trust. Getting paid what you want should be a priority, no matter what type of job it is.

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By seeking input from people about your salary, you’ll start your new job with the income you had in mind.

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