5 Ways to Stylishly Add Corsets to Your Everyday Clothes

Trends come and go, but eventually, they cycle back. And some of the clothing items that have made a comeback are bustiers and corsets, thanks to the it-girls on Instagram and Tiktok, who have revived and made them one of the most viral trends of 2021.

But wearing one without looking like you are going to a Halloween party as a sexy vamp princess can sometimes be tricky. It is because they never seem to be part of your casual wardrobe but are special items of clothing that serve a particular function — to be worn around your torso to help slim your waist, flatten your tummy and lift your bust.

While many waist-training fanatics prefer to wear their corset hidden beneath their clothing, it has become easier to wear this piece of clothing because they are everywhere now. Don’t let their sexy silhouette stop you from adding them into your everyday attire because the possibilities are endless. So, below are a few ideas about adding these sexy undergarments to your casual wardrobe.

1. As a Belt

You can ease yourself into the trend by using waist cinchers as an alternative to your everyday belt. You can layer it over your favourite white button-down blouse or plain tee and pair it with tight jeans stilettos to add spice to your otherwise plain outfit. You can also layer it over your favourite loose dress to give the dress, and you, a figure-flattering shape.

2. Wear With Something Structured

Pair your waist cincher with something structured, such as a business-style blazer or loose trousers to give a contrasting look of something chic and sexy with something sharp and smart looking. You can also wear it with a utilitarian style dress or jacket to give a more put-together and structured look.

3. Wear It As a Casual Top

These days, the trend is to wear your waist cinchers in place of your usual tops because the style these undergarments give away can pass off as a casual top. This way, not only will you look flattering, but it will also save you from wearing an extra undergarment underneath your attire. And more casual styles can be paired with your favourite jeans or skirt for casual attire you can wear everywhere. Moreover, the sexier and more structured ones can be paired with form-fitting bottoms to give you an edgy, sexy look you can wear for your date nights.

4. Add a Twist to your Preppy Look

If you are a college student, you know that you can easily get away with just putting on any outfit you find on the top of your drawer because of how busy you can get. But instead of sticking with the usual college look, why not add a little pizzazz to your outfit by adding a waist cincher over your favourite sweater (make sure the fabric is thin!) and pair it with loose pants and your favourite loafers to give you a more stylish preppy look?

5. Edge + Edge

For those of you who always want to go all out, you can wear your lacy, sexy waist cinchers paired with your favourite leather jacket, tight jeans, and thigh-high boots to get the maximum chic and sexy look. Then, match it with smokey eyes and sexy red lips to get the full effect.

The truth is, there are endless ways to style your corsets when you wear them as an outer garment. So you won’t find any trouble when trying to add them to your casual, everyday attire.

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