6 Effective Exercises to do on a Mini trampoline

Mini-Trampoline is very advantageous and the best approach to supporting your cardiovascular health, improving endurance, and reducing pressure and strain. They can assist you with creating equilibrium and coordination.

These activities focus on your back and leg muscles. Rebounding on a mini trampoline is also helpful for your arms, neck, and glutes. It also has positive effects on bone and helps to improve bone thickness and strength.

Apart from jumping, there are many exercises that you can do on a rebounder. Here in this post, we have mentioned some of the effective exercises you can do on a mini trampoline. 

  • Jumping Jacks 

While doing a jumping jack, move your truck forward. You can also raise your arms to your shoulder’s height and jump up and down on a mini-trampoline. For effective results, do this exercise for 1-3 minutes.

  • Pelvic floor jumps 

The pelvic floor jump exercise aims to improve your pelvic and thigh muscles. All you need to do is place an exercise ball between your knees, slowly jump up and down, and squeeze the ball by focusing on your inner thighs. For effective results, continue this exercise for 2-3 minutes.

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  • Single-leg bounces 

Single leg bounce exercise is the most recommended exercise for beginners and focuses on ankle strength and balance. It helps to maintain alignment and prevents your knees from collapsing towards the center. All you need to do is stand with your feet hip distant apart and focus on your left foot and lift your right foot. Then jump up and down for two minutes. Do the same for the opposite leg.

  • jogging variations 

Yet another best and effective exercise for beginners is the jogging variations. All you need to do is jog from side to side and then try to jog with a wider stance and then jog with your arms overhead and then jog sideways. Continue jogging on this variation for 2-3 minutes for better results.

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  • Regular jogging 

Regular jogging is a low-impact exercise that you can do on a mini trampoline. It is usually recommended for seniors. You can start by lifting your knees a few inches off the surface. Lift your knees as high as possible. For better results, continue jogging for a minimum of 4 minutes.

  • Vertical Jumps 

Verticle jumps are another low-impact exercise where all you need to do is jump up and down, keep your legs together, and raise your arms over your head. For better results, continue this exercise for 1-3 minutes.

Ways to avoid injury while using a mini-trampoline

Stay safe when you are using a mini trampoline. Ensure you are using a mini-trampoline that comes with a security net, handlebar, or railing for added safety. Since you are using a mini-trampoline at home, make sure it is away from furniture, sharp corners, or hard articles. 

Ensure you keep your spine, neck, and head straight, and ensure your head moves to the front, back, or side. Always jump with bent knees instead of locking them. It is recommended to wear tennis shoes for better results. 

If you have any wounds or ailments before you start jumping on a rebounder, talk to your general physician. It is also recommended to stop rebounding if you feel any trouble breathing or start feeling drowsy.

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Jumping on a mini trampoline is the best method that helps you to improve your health, and it could be an energizing break from your normal exercise schedule. These low-impact rebounder exercises can help you improve your immunity, heart health, and immunity. 

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