7 Types of Stylish Sweaters For Men

Menswear has always been simple and stylish. One doesn’t spend much time selecting the correct colour, design, style to purchase a shirt or sweater from a store. Maybe someone who focuses more on fashion and who likes to keep up with the trends may be interested in different types of clothing available for men. Before winter hits, one looks for a cool looking sweater to keep them warm in the cold weather. There are some excellent collections of sweaters in the market, but not everyone has an idea about sweaters for men. There are many varieties of sweaters of different styles and patterns available in the market. Let us narrow them to the best ones.

1. V-Neck

The v-neck is a unique and stylish sweater one can keep in their wardrobe. The v-necks are very versatile and slim-fitting. They are even made of lightweight fabrics like wool or cotton. You can pair it with jeans and chukka boots for a classic look when you go out.

2. Lightweight Crew Neck

You know why the crew neck came second on the list. This type of sweater is as versatile as the v-neck. Crew neck comes in different colours, patterns and weight. It is best looking when you keep it hanging loose around your neck, which expresses a relaxed and laid back character. If this look goes with your style, grab one right now.

3. Shawl Collar Cardigan

It is one of the best sweaters on the list, well, all are indeed best looking, but this one has a special effect on the person who wears it and will look fabulous if that person can carry it in style. You can pair it with a henley and jeans, and look incredibly handsome. It can give you a bad boy look, and everyone will notice it.

4. Cardigan

The cardigan with a non-shawl collar had a lousy rep many years ago, but recent trends have made it cool. Hollywood celebrities have made this cardigan cool again. This type of sweater is slim fit, and depending on your frame; you will get a good and comfortable fit. This one, too, exhibits a relaxed style on whoever wears it.

5. Mock Neck or Half-Zip

This is a half-zip sweater and has a collar that rises to surround your neck, well the name explains itself. A mock neck is primarily the same thing, but the collar is sealed with a few buttons, making it look like a cardigan or henley. This sweater, too, has a bad boy vibe, and pairing it with jeans will complete that look.

6. Shawl-Collar Pullover

This one is slightly less formal wear. It is an excellent choice for guys looking for a classic and simple look and who want to look a bit mature. The collar pullover gives a vibe of sophistication and a unique style.

7. Turtlenecks

This is the last, but maybe least for some people. It is a classic and iconic style sweater, and this type is not on top of the trends right now. But, it is sure that it will never go out of fashion. Hollywood stars, including the actors playing James Bond, have worn turtlenecks in many Bond movies. A turtleneck can be dressed up or dressed down as you prefer, and being this versatile makes the sweater a favourite for many.

These are the top trending sweaters for men in the fashion world. You can try all of these styles and find out which one suits you the best.

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