A Complete Guide On Tracking Your Cosco Container

Cosco Container Lines Co. Ltd. is a Chinese company providing shipping services. It is one of the leading shipping service providers for containers. Operating in the maritime transportation industry, the company offers multiple types of containers for exporters around the world to assist them in their business.

All about Cosco Shipping Operations

Cosco has a widespread network across the world providing services at a global level. Cosco container lines are well committed to their efficient and eco-friendly shipping ways. The company is considered very reliable for its clients and has won prizes for its premium quality of shipping services. Along with excellent shipping, Cosc services such as Cosco tracking where you can get information about the status of Cosco containers.

Types of Containers Owned by Cosco

Cosco shipping lines include different types of containers that are categorized based on their uses.

1.   Dry containers

Dry containers are made for merchant use like containing industrial or manufacturing material.

2.   Reefer containers

Reefer is the type of container required for fresh fruits and vegetables along with the products that require temperature control such as meat or medicines

3.   Open-top containers

These types of containers are designed to carry heavy types of machinery and material like wood, steel sheets, etc.

4.   Flat-rack containers

The flat-rack containers are containers for oversized cargo.

How to Track a Cosco Container?

Container tracking is a process where a buyer can locate the ordered product through an online tracking system. This involves detailed information regarding the transportation of the product and the ways to receive it. You can carry out Cosco tracking via the tracking systems.

What is Container Tracking?

Before the shipping process, there are steps followed which make the tracking convenient:

  • The supplier validates the packaging through a set of services
  • Documents are validated as a part of the process which is considered as evidence of the supply
  • The individually serialized products are packed in large units and then are processed for shipment. The individual products are marked for later tracking.

Each product is assigned with a serial number, or an identification provided by the seller or the shipping service provider to make the tracking convenient for the buyer. This process ensures the safe movement of products throughout the shipping.

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Process for Cosco tracking

With the help of a tracking system, you can locate the ordered container anytime and share the port details. To go about Cosco tracking for your container, you need to have the following details:

●     Container Number

To track your container, one of the ways is through the container number. This is an identification number assigned to the container which includes four letters of owner code (usually composed of the container prefix) followed by a six digits serial number. This number is called a check number. This particular number can assist you to check with Cosco shipping services and obtain the location of the container.

●     Bill of lading

Bill of landing or many times abbreviated as BOL is another tracking alternative to track a Cosco container. It is a standard document including all the details of shipment (serial number of the container and details of both the dealing parties). This is generated by the Cosco shipment services which make it the most important document during international trade. This ensures the safe movement of the container and is also considered as proof of successful payment.

How to track your container with a bill of lading?


Step 1: Go to the website of Cosco

Step 2: Enter your bill of lading number (10-digit number)

Step 3: With one click you can now track your order and other shipments.

●     Booking number

It is the number generated when you order a container. The container is booked and shipped under this number. You can use this number too while tracking your order.

How to go about Cosco tracking via a booking number?

Step 1: Go to the website of Cosco

Step 2: Enter your 10-digit booking no.

Step 3: Click on search and you can track your container.

Types of Cosco Tracking Systems

There are two types of tracking systems available to track Cosco containers:

●     Standard Cosco Tracking System

A standard tracking system involves the process of sharing the updates when the Cosco container is moved from one key point to another.

●     GPS Cosco Tracking System

This system of tracking involves the constant journey of the container. It records the live location of the container and shares the data very precisely. This type of tracking system uses a battery pack installed along with the container to get track of every movement.

In the shipping industry, the transportation of containers is a complex process. However, with an efficient tracking system in place, one can prepare for the uncertain future. A major shipping corporation such as Cosco Shipping provides this assistance to you in expanding your venture overseas.

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