A guide to prices of locksmith services in Singapore

Locksmith Singapore price guide

Locksmith prices in Singapore can range from about $15 to over $100 for a single lock opening. This depends on a number of factors that will be explained further down the article.

If you hire an experienced locksmith, then he will most likely have all the tools needed in his car. This is especially useful for when you are locked out of your car or home, and he can be on his way right away to help you. He will then be able to pick the lock in no time, without any damage done whatsoever.

Locksmith Singapore price list?

For commercial locksmiths in Singapore, the hourly rate will usually range from $25-50 an hour, depending on their workmanship and expertise required for each job. If they need to drill open a safe or do some door repairs that requires carpentry skills, then expect to pay more than if they only need to replace a lock that takes 5 minutes max.

With residential locksmiths in Singapore, the price range is a bit more complicated. The price can depend on how many locks you have that needs repair or replacement. If only one lock has been tampered with, then it may cost less than if you need all your locks replaced at once, because of the extra labor involved.

The other thing to consider is whether the job requires them to transport tools from their storeroom or car. Some jobs can be completed right away and this will not affect the invoice amount since they don’t have to go anywhere for supplies.

But if a part breaks down while doing a certain type of lock opening, causing them to spend additional time working on it, then this would be an “on-site” call and should require an additional on-site charge.

Locksmith Singapore price list for locks opening on site?

Here are some examples of locks opening on-site charges in Singapore:

Key cutting costs usually range from $2 to $7 depending on the type of key, whether it is a car or house key, and how badly damaged it is. You may also need more keys cut if you have lost your key somewhere else while you were out shopping.

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The rule of thumb for this would be about 1 extra key per 10 minutes spent at work. If you call them up after 6pm then expect almost double the cost because they will not go out of their way just to do your job, since most locksmiths already have a full schedule of jobs booked up.

Car key cutting is slightly more expensive, usually ranging from $5 to $10 depending on the damage done to the old one. This price also applies to any replacement keys you need for your house or office door. If you have lost your car key then another one will have to be made in order for you to go home too. The locksmith in Singapore can usually help you bring along an existing spare key so that he can use it as a guideline when making the new one for you at his shop.

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