A Pure Growth Industry: Medical Marijuanas In Queensland

There is a case to be made on the utility and growth potential for growers, researchers, and patients using medical marijuanas in Queensland. While the legislation only changed in 2016, the industry surrounding medical marijuanas in Queensland has grown exponentially, turning it into quite the potential moneymaker for the state.

While there is still quite a lot of stigmas surrounding cannabis in its recreational capacity, medical marijuanas in Queensland have begun to be more widely accepted by healthcare professionals, researchers, and the general public as evidenced by the more recent elections that showed a tremendous uptick in support.

The potential for the sunshine state to take advantage of this is huge, whether it be for cultivation, research, or exportation. There are a few key reasons for medical marijuanas in Queensland to have the most potential upside out of all the states in the country, this article will explore a few of them.

Prescription Numbers Of Medical Marijuanas In Queensland

If we’re going to talk about the upside and popularity of medical marijuanas in Queensland, it is hard to look past the prescription numbers which have reportedly skyrocketed in recent years. There are a number of potential reasons for its escalation in the state in comparison with others, but it would be mostly hearsay. An educated guess could potentially be the permit system and the ease in which medicinal cannabis can be prescribed.

The research into efficacy is understandably slow as results can often take time to manifest, however, if we look at the numbers of prescriptions and the consistency of the refills – we can ascertain that there is something to be founded with the consistency of prescriptions.

The sunshine state has a rare opportunity to be the industry leaders of the country, potentially commissioning more research and working at easing legislation surrounding the cultivation of medical cannabis in Queensland to give them more breathing room for research.

The Political Side of It All

Prescription numbers are one thing, but it seems that the general population have begun coming around to the notion of relaxing laws surrounding medicinal cannabis. Looking at the most recent election where the fringe Legalise Cannabis Party garnering double the number of votes compared to the previous election.

This speaks volumes about the sentiment by the Australian people and in the Sunshine State especially where it recorded a 5% swing from the 2019 election. The increased interest in medical marijuanas in Queensland showcases the potential the industry has in the near future. As more traction is gained in the political side of the equation, there will undoubtedly be more research and freedoms to study potential expansion of the treatment for more ailments.

It will also be helpful to have more legitimacy for the movement for medical marijuanas in Queensland in that as laws are relaxed surrounding cultivation – the state will have the potential to expand its production for local and international clients, ushering in a brand-new export product for the country and the Sunshine State.

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