After the riot chaos, the stream of White House staff was resigned

Melania, the first lady of the US, who was Trump’s chief, resigned effectively and immediately. And a large number of White House staff quit their jobs the following Trump Riots Violation. Stephanie Grisham was the former White House communication director. Now she is the current chief of staff for the first lady.

A White House official told CNN that Anna Cristina is the White House Special Secretary who resigned immediately for the violence. More staff resigned for this.

Ms. Niceta and Ms. Grisham were the longest-serving staff in the Trump administration. At the time of 2015, Ms. Grisham worked for the candidate for Donald Trump on the campaign trail. Under the seam spicer, she also entered the White House as deputy press secretary. But in 2017, the first lady Melania Trump is hired for East wing Staff.

As an East wing communication director Ms. Grishman become the first lady from the most prominent stuffer. 

The most prominent staffer was acting as protector, defender, and also enforcer in the white house.

People must be proud to help in the trump mission because it is an honor to serve the White House country. Trump’s primary mission is to help children everywhere. But the first lady’s office and communication did not respond so immediately to the CNN statement. 

Other times the social secretary conducts and oversees all kinds of events.

But Ms. Niceta also made nit response immediately to CNN’s request for another comment.

But the violation is obliged the staff community to resigned from the community. So for proper management, the violation needs to stop immediately. Otherwise, it would be bad for the nation. After the riot chaos, the steam of the white house staff quiet from the office, and the violation is why.

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