Alex Caruso said that he is COVID-19 negative

The famous point guard of the Los Angeles Lakers team, Alex Caruso, has made sure that he is not COVID-19 positive. So now he will be able to play in this season again. Before some days, there was doubt that this professional basketball player is COVID-19 positive. So he took a break to maintain the low of quarantine. Alex Caruso stayed 10 days in quarantine. Through the last update, it is clear that Alex is out of danger, and he can continue the next match. In these quarantine days, he kept his distance from the basketball. After 11 days, Alex will come back in the next game of the Los Angeles Lakers, and in the next match, Alex will play for his team to defeat the opposite team. For the isolation break, Alex missed 5 matches. He could play a significant role in any of those matches.

Alex Caruso is one of the most valuable players of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. Los Angeles Lakers use to pay him a massive amount of money for his skills. As a point guard, Alex always played his best in the field. His performance is still mind-blowing.  Alex also plays as a shooting guard in the ground. Without him, it is hard for the Los Angeles Lakers to win the match. Recently, Alex gave his fans the good news that the doubt was wrong, and he is ready for the role again.

The return of Alex Caruso is the best news for his team at this moment. Because in this time, Los Angeles Laker’s team have no other option without Alex Caruso. He is the perfect basketball player. Alex had a long time to practice during this break. So, everyone hopes that Alex will bring his glory back in the field.

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