All you need to know about LEB boards

It is best to buy a LED wall at the Led display expert. Whether you are looking for a large LED wall or a small ticker, whether the LED wall should be single color or RGB, LED expert has a suitable solution for you. The LED walls from Led experts are available for both indoor and outdoor use. By using LEDs and power supplies, the screens get a high light output and a stable display. 

Indoor led wall

An indoor LED wall differs from an outdoor LED wall in a number of ways. For example, it has a lower brightness and is not waterproof. You can also check led tábla.

Outdoor led wall

An outdoor LED wall needs a minimum brightness of 4000 NIT. This is mainly because the sun produces 4000 NIT, so the outdoor LED wall must have a higher light intensity to be clearly visible when the sun rises straight up. There are also semo-outdoor LED walls, but we will not go into that here.

An outdoor LED wall must also be waterproof. There are even outdoor LED walls for extreme weather conditions such as extreme cold. These screens have a different connection for the drivers and LEDs.

As long as an LED wall is on, it produces heat and an LED wall will not be bothered by temperatures of – 10 degrees.

Indoor led screen

The indoor LED screens have LEDs from renowned manufacturers with ISO 9001 and meet the strictest requirements. Partly because of this, they have a beautiful image and a long life. Also with regard to the other components such as the PC, the power supply and the driver, ledfal only use the best materials to guarantee a long life.

Modular surface mounted indoor led screen

An indoor LED screen, also called an indoor LED wall, is made up of different modules depending on the size of the LED screen. Outdoor LED screens often have a larger pixel than indoor LED screens because they are viewed from further away. The standard for indoor LED screens currently in P5. 40,000 LEDs per m2. Depending on the application, we will advise you what suits you best. This can vary from P0.8 to P6. In a fixed installation, the screen is mounted on a steel frame so that a uniform image is created. Due to the accurate manufacture of the modules, the formation of seams is avoided. With rental screens, the LED screens have a clamp so that the LED screens can be connected quickly and securely.

Indoor led screen software

All the LED screens come with software. This allows you to easily upload images, video (videófal) or text. You will receive clear instructions with the delivery of the LED screen. 

Indoor LED screen mounting

Led display expert can install the indoor led screen at your place. Depending on the situation, it is considered whether additional constructive measures are necessary. This depends on the size and the situation on location. The additional costs are always discussed with you in advance. The customer must ensure that there is a power supply at the location where the screen is placed. 

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