All You Need to Learn and Understand About Brow Lift in San Francisco

Age, gravity, and sun damage are some of the factors that can take a toll on your brow, making both men and women look tired and grumpy. It is something that can affect an individual’s confidence and self-esteem since it makes one feel less attractive. However, no need to worry since the San Francisco brow lift is performed by a group of experts and specialists who ensure you look gently smooth and elevated.

What is a brow lift?

It is a cosmetic procedure used to lift your brow, reducing wrinkles and lines around your eyes and forehead. In most cases, as one advances in age, textural changes in the skin, sun damage, and repeated facial expressions can make your brow area drift downwards, leading to you having a grumpy or tired appearance.  That is, a brow lift procedure is designed to lift and reposition the underlying muscle tissues in the brow and forehead area to make your face look more youthful and rejuvenated. Even though a brow lift surgery does not address your upper eyelids, your eyes usually look more alert and rested after undertaking a brow lift surgery, especially after the brow areas have been elevated the brow lift surgery is usually combined with a neck lift and facelift procedure to ensure your entire face is rejuvenated.

How is a brow lift procedure performed?

In most cases, brow lift procedures usually rely on an endoscopic technique that uses tiny incisions that are carefully made to ensure they are hidden behind the hairline. Two or four tiny incisions are typically made during the procedure using a unique instrument or device referred to as an endoscope. An endoscope is used to help locate the brow muscles using a small camera attached to the end of the device. The above technique is used to eliminate the need for larger incisions that can lead to the formation of visible scars. After the muscles have been identified, they are their attachments. They are served, and the surrounding tissues are attached and repositioned with sutures. A protective dressing is then applied to prevent the spread of infection to incision sites. The procedure usually lasts for approximately one to two hours. Latest Website magazineview and magzine

How will you feel after the procedure?

Since an endoscopic procedure usually involves the use of tiny incisions, one might experience discomfort. However, keeping the head elevated can help by reducing some discomforts, leaving you more comfortable during the procedure. Mild swelling and bruising are very common, but they usually resolve after a week. Therefore, sutures can be removed after a week, and bandages can be removed after a few days. For this reason, patients are encouraged or advised to avoid strenuous activities for about one week after surgery. However, most men and women can resume back to their daily chores within a few months.

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In summary, if you or someone close to you have their look affected by aging, sun damage, or gravity, call or visit the Aesthetic Surgery Center today. The health care specialists in the facility are knowledgeable and experienced in performing brow lift surgery to ensure you look younger and rejuvenated.

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