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An Informative Guide To Digital Branding For Businesses For 2022


When was the last time, you saw an intrusive product being shown to your face?

Chances are that the same happened quite recently. As a brand how do you think that such obtrusion in some customers’ experience makes them feel?

To overcome such problems, many businesses are not pursuing positive digital branding strategies. They are trying to do this to form communications.

With the online world being a hotly contested affair, businesses are vying for the same set of customers and sales targets. The question then is- how do you ensure or make your brand stand apart?

If leading experts are to be believed, one way of doing the same is by aggressively pushing digital branding!

In this guide on digital branding, we are going to cover some important aspects of this strategy. We take help from Bennet Schwartz, one of the leading names in the branding world. If you are a business looking to benefit your business through digital branding, this article is for you.

Digital Branding: Meaning and Definition

In very simple words, digital branding helps a brand share its story with audiences on online platforms like search engines and social media. The aim is to strike and establish meaningful relationships with audiences (potential and existing customers).

Digital Branding has risen in importance given how saturated and competitive business niches have become. Businesses need to make sure that audiences are not confusing them with others. At the end of the day, the more you can make your business stand apart, the better it is.

The core of digital branding is voicing a unique proposition representing the business. Given how digital platforms are highly dynamic, businesses need to make sure that they are investing in constant communication and sharing of their brand values, rather than pushing them one-time.

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Everything from your brand’s logos on its website, social media, and other platforms to your social media presence can help establish digital branding.

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Five Important Areas Businesses need to focus on for Digital Branding

1. Content Marketing Strategies-

You must have heard leading Creative Directors to talk about creating a storytelling narrative for a business. What do they mean when they say that? In reality, a brand can push its storytelling narrative on digital platforms through Content Marketing. Creating suitable resource sections, blog articles and guest posting can help spread values and knowledge about your brand.

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2. Social Media Platforms-

A brand that is looking to build its digital branding cannot afford to ignore social media. The brand’s communication on social media promotes daily interaction between the business and its audiences. In addition to products and services, a brand needs to showcase its values, ethics, culture, and mission statement on social. This will help promote digital branding.

3. Search Engine Optimization-

Digital branding means concentrating on both the creative aspects of storytelling and leveraging tactical strategies for improving visibility. One way this can be achieved is through SEO. In recent years, SEO has become an important component of digital branding that is helping establish relationships, improving awareness, and promoting website visits.

4. Digital Advertising (PPC)-

Remember how we began the article by referring to how intrusive ads have become. Well, there is always a right way to do digital advertising. By making sure that the user experience of the customers is not compromised, businesses can use digital advertising to improve their search and discovery. Focus on offering value and putting it across to the audiences.

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5. Presence on Review Platforms-

A brand’s own digital platform is where it can control communication. However, what if people speak about your brand on the new-age review platforms? Relationship and credibility building should be a top focus on platforms like Reddit, Quora, Medium, and Question Hub. The more you engage with audiences on an impartial platform, the better will be your branding.

The Final Word

Businesses are guilty of running after sales, marketing and revenues. They have to, they do not have a choice, do they? However, in this regard, they fail to take note of the larger picture. Branding is the macro picture or long-term vision that businesses cannot afford to discount at any cost. Digital branding is the need of the hour, and if your business is not doing this, it stands to lose customers, leads, and sales. If you have any more questions on digital branding that you would like us to address, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.

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