An Olympian offered her Silver Medal to finance a kid’s a medical procedure.

Poland’s Maria Magdalena Andrejczyk commends her silver award in the spear toss at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo on Aug. 7. She sold the award to assist with subsidizing heart medical procedure for a 8-month-old; the purchaser chose to let her keep it.


Only days after the Tokyo Olympics, a Polish lance hurler sold her silver award to help pay for a baby’s heart medical procedure.


Maria Magdalena Andrejczyk declared on Facebook last week that she would sell her medal and put the returns toward an activity for 8-month-old Miloszek Malysa. As indicated by a pledge drive page, the kid is under home hospice care and requires an earnest activity in the United States.


This week, Andrejczyk reported the closeout champ.


The Polish general store chain Zabka put the top bid, paying $125,000 for the silver award, as per media reports.


In any case, rather than gathering its prize, Zabka declared it would allow Andrejczyk to keep the silver award all things considered.


“We were moved by the wonderful and amazingly respectable token of our Olympian,” the organization said in a Facebook post deciphered from Polish. “We likewise concluded that the silver award from Tokyo will stay with Ms. Maria, who showed how extraordinary she is.” 카지노사이트


After the bartering shut, Andrejczyk said in a deciphered Facebook post that the medal was to her a “image of battle, confidence and the quest for dreams regardless of numerous difficulties.”


She added: “I trust that for you it will be an image of the existence we ​​fought for together.”

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