Animal Crossing New Horizons: 5 Secret Details& Features You still don’t Kow (ACNH Tips & Tricks)

The new Animal Crossing New Horizons, five things you still don’t know are in the New Horizons. As of March this year, the game’s global sales have exceeded 32 million copies. This huge milestone has made “Animal Crossing New Horizons” a Nintendo best-selling Switch game of the fiscal year, which is incredible. This means that the community surrounding the game is constantly growing.

Even now, thousands of new players join the franchise every week, even in the 14 months of the game’s life, plus the sales volume of Animal Crossing New Horizons exceeds all previous Animal Crossing games, which means Many players are experiencing the first animal crossing, which is great anyway. The five things you may not know are of course the things on the new horizon. As always, it is impossible to highlight the secrets and hidden details that every player does not know. Because everyone’s gameplay is different, but I hope that even experienced players will discover new things.

1. Villager’s corner phone

The first villager’s corner phone, because you know that a corner phone is an indispensable tool in the new horizon. It is almost the center point for completing the task of managing DIY recipes. Of course, it tracks the small animals you catch. It is a very important part of Irish life. An important tool, as you would expect, every villager who also lives on New Horizons Island now has his corner phone, and you might do this. What you don’t know is that even though every villager is from the same default corner At the beginning of the mobile phone case, players will make it as the game progresses, and the villagers will eventually customize their mobile phone case. When using a customizable mobile phone case kit, it seems that each animal has its favorite design, including special characters, and they also like it. Customized corner phone, anyway the villager’s phone case design seems to be associated with the pattern you unlock at the capable sister. You may know that if you talk to the disabled at the capable sister every day, she will eventually become enough I like you and give you some great patterns that she has been researching. Each set has 10 sets, including 20 designs. A total of 200 patterns can be unlocked. It is these patterns that function on your mobile phone in the corner of your house, so if You are willing, it is entirely possible to have the same corner phone case as your good friend to share this detail.

2. Photo of the rover

Be sure to check out the photos of the second rover, because, since the age of the wild world, you can get photos of villagers from your town or island inhabitants. Obtaining these photos is almost a side task in itself, as they are usually regarded as In short, your villagers will be rewarded for being best friends with them. If you complete the tasks of the residence, exchange gifts and attend birthday parties, you will eventually improve your friendship with the villagers and they will give Your photos of them, don’t worry if you are the best friends of a village and have not received their photos, even though the mechanics still have a random variable, please continue to be friendly to them, you will eventually get new horizons anyway Each photo in is obtained with a natural wooden frame including special characters, but of course, it can be customized to one of eight unique designs, but what you may not know is the roaming obtained by completing the May Day Maze in the second year The player’s photo has a default random frame instead of the usual natural words, which seems to be the only photo in the game。

This is obtained in this way, now I don’t know if this is to show whether the roamer’s photo was obtained especially, or just a mistake. Either way, it’s a very cool detail, since the original animal Since the crossing.

 3. Some changes in the luck mechanism of lucky items

Now it’s the third lucky item that has some changes to the luck mechanism. In most cases, the best way to bring luck to the player is in some cases. The best way to trigger this kind of luck is to put a specific ACNH items in some way Place it in your house or use lucky items to enhance things, such as your interior decoration. The design score is usually to increase your Happy Family College score by 777 points when the lucky item is placed in your home. Everything is great, although the luck mechanism in New Horizons is lacking. Lucky items still exist and will reward players with bonus points, allowing you to easily increase your Happy Family Academy score now. Many items such as fish or bug trophies are considered It’s lucky, but what you may not know is that even the ger photos we mentioned before are considered lucky. As long as they are still island residents, your score will be increased throughout the year. Some lucky items will only Raise your score in certain seasons. That’s why you may notice that your score changes slightly from time to time. A good example is a rocking zipper toy, which is just a lucky item for spring at any other time of the year. Will not improve your score, do you use lucky items or other animal crossing ideas to improve your score?

 4. Dream Island Mechanism

Although luna and Dream Suite was initially missing from New Horizons, they were finally added in the large-scale summer update last year. Of course, the dream island mechanism was introduced with the help of luna. The dream can be accessed by entering the dream address or requesting access to a random island. And other player islands, this is a very concise feature, you need to get all the inspiration by looking at the ideas of other islands because this feature was originally introduced in the new leaf, this is a very standard-setting, but first of all thanks to Rose Mr. Di, there are some things you may not know. The rescue center can be transported back to the permanent service from anywhere on the dream island like an ordinary island. Considering the complexity and creativity of the island and the ease of getting lost, this is very useful, it’s completely free and different from your island. The island doesn’t cost a penny. Another thing you might not know is that due to the recent update, you no longer need to go back to the residents’ service in your dream to escape and wake up, now You can use the minus button on the controller to leave from anywhere on the island. This is a very useful feature, and many people don’t know Cloud 5.

 5. Many weather phenomena in animal crossing

This seems to raise more questions than answers. For example, in many weather phenomena in Animal Crossing, various special clouds can often be found in the sky of New Horizons Island, but you may not know that there are six kinds of changes, most of which can only be present. It can be seen at certain times of the year. In addition to the plane trajectories that are not real clouds, the other five types of clouds lay eggs in certain seasons. During the sunny and sunny times of spring, they can often be seen in the two hemispheres. When thin clouds are sunny in summer, the day before you may see bad weather on the island, you can often see clouds. Most of these types of clouds can be identified because one of the clouds looks very similar to Isabel’s silhouette, which is very cool, Cirrus and zero cumulus clouds can usually be found in autumn, but only appear at random sunny times on days with rainy weather, so these are ten special cloud types considered to be the rarest, and they are often found in winter. The tossing clouds can be found, and they will only appear again in the clear or sunny days of the previous few days. Bad weather conditions, so basically just like many other weather phenomena, such as rainbows, it’s easy to miss these special cloud generations, especially considering that they are all seasonal and not only appear for an hour each time, so this is you Five details you may not know Some things in “Animal Crossing New Horizons” and some features added since the launch of the game.

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