Are free lottery offers legitimate or scams?

You’ve likely seen a lot of different free lottery offers on your favorite social media channels or even on your TV. But are they actually legitimate or are you getting taken in by unscrupulous companies? You’ve probably wondered that a few times and it may have led you to ignore some of those offers. But should you be ignoring them? Or should you be taking advantage of the offer?

When they’re a scam

In a lot of cases the ads that you see are going to be scams. That’s because they are hosted by illegitimate companies that only want your personal information and aren’t actually planning on giving you anything in return. You may not get a lottery ticket at all, or if you do you won’t get the winnings if there are any. Instead, you may find yourself signed up for a whole bunch of emails that you definitely don’t want. Plus, you don’t even get the ticket you were expecting in the first place. 

Another alternative is that you get offered a free ticket but once you start putting in all your information you have to make a purchase of something else in order to get it. That’s definitely not what you’re looking for and it’s not really free either. So it’s definitely a scam that you’re getting caught up in. You could end up paying for a service and still not get a free ticket or a chance at winning anything. 

When they’re not a scam

On the other hand, there are some situations where you might be able to get a free lottery ticket. Keep in mind that these offers are going to be much rarer and you’re generally not going to find them advertised all over social media and TV. Instead, these offers are usually reserved for those who already use a specific website to purchase their tickets. That’s because they’re generally used as a reward for someone who already buys tickets online.

In some instances you may find a free lottery option to get you to sign up for a lottery website, but make sure that you are working with a reputable company. This means doing some research and making sure that you are only working with a company that really does offer what they say they do and lets you actually get your winnings.

Working with RedFoxLotto

When you’re looking for lottery tickets for yourself make sure that you’re working with a reputable site. Make sure that you go to a website that actually provides the tickets that you want for the games that you want to play. And recognize that you’re likely not going to get free tickets without actually purchasing tickets.

With you’ll be able to play different games all the time and you’re definitely going to have a chance at great prizes, but that’s because you’ll find a reputable site that offers you all the best, without the scams. 

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