Attracting top talents using recruitment CRM and skills testing software

Finding the best-qualified candidates requires the talent acquisition team to do a careful applicant filtering process. And such teams will invariably utilise recruitment software and skills testing software to do so.

Is attracting skilled candidates difficult?

There are always plenty of talented individuals seeking new opportunities. However, it is crucial to consider that recruiters need a variety of candidates from different fields. So, there is no guarantee that a candidate skilled in certain things and having set years of experience working in a particular industry will be available just when recruiters are looking to fill a role.

And recruiters are usually working within a certain time frame and against heavy competition from other recruiters. That’s why sourcing top talent can be challenging. And also why recruitment software and skills testing software systems are so essential.

How useful is skills testing software for recruiters?

As the name states, skills testing software is designed to assess an individual’s skill set and aptitude. A good software solution provides a large variety of tests.

  1. Psychometric skills test
  2. Literacy skills test
  3. Numeracy skills test
  4. Data entry and typing skills test
  5. Accounting skills test
  6. MS Office skills tests

These are among the top choices for skills assessments tests.

The recruiter can select any of these to test and evaluate how talented an applicant is and whether they would be a good fit for the role.

Skills tests are also a great way for recruiters to get a competitive edge over other recruiters. If they provide the test results, the hiring companies are more likely to look favourably at their list of shortlisted candidates. Depending on the software, it is possible to get comprehensive test results.

Results are quickly generated and can show the applicant’s performance measured against the group’s overall performance. This helps recruiters understand how well a candidate has done on the test and where their strengths lie.

The tests are also easy to administer. Online skills testing had made it convenient for recruiters to arrange these assessments. They can select the appropriate test – either one or more – and email the test link to the candidate. It’s also straightforward to send the test to different groups of applicants. All of this can be achieved quickly. It completely removes the need to coordinate test date, venue and time with different candidates, making online skills testing very efficient and productive.

Even candidates benefit from this as they can take the test from anywhere and at any time. All they require is a good broadband connection and a computer device. Many tests provide a practice session at the beginning. Candidates can try that before starting the real assessment whose time length can vary according to the test subject matter. These assessments also come in different difficulty levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Entry-level roles are subject to the basic level, and so on.

How does recruitment software contribute to talent sourcing?

Recruitment software has an integral role to play in talent sourcing and filtering candidates. First of all, a recruitment database platform is central to keeping all the data organised. It ensures that the workflow is streamlined and, hence, productive.

But a recruitment CRM’s ability to seamlessly integrate with other recruiting tools used by the staffing agency is what factors majorly into an agency’s productivity and efficiency.

Recruiters depend on talent mapping to keep track of talented individuals and their career trajectory. Recruiters can use their CRM software to regularly track the progress of different individuals.

The software’s ability to integrate with skills testing software also helps make assessing candidates easier. Recruiters can accomplish all their different tasks from within the recruitment software.

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