AviaGames Looks to the Future With $40M in Raised Cash

There’s a lot that sets AviaGames apart from its competitors. For one, the female-led company has created a gaming platform for those with little to no gaming experience. Vickie Chen, CEO of AviaGames, said, “We’re not hardcore gamers, and we might even say that we’re not gamers, but we play casual games across a lot of genres.”

That’s an odd thing to hear from a mobile gaming company, especially in an industry that primarily focuses on marketing towards male gamers. Still, this young company might have just found the perfect niche. Its flagship app, Pocket7Games, boasts a player base composed mostly of women (70% to be exact) with minimal gaming experience. But with an average playtime of 40 minutes a day, players love what the company is offering.

The proof is in the financials as well. AviaGames has seen a massive increase in revenue and its player base. Since January 2020, revenues are up 21 times vs the previous year, and AviaGames has pulled in over $836 million in revenue. This hasn’t gone unnoticed either; the company recently ended a fund-raising round with an additional $40 million raised.

Several venture capital firms have thrown their hats into the ring, throwing their support behind the leadership of Vickie Chen and Ping Wang, the company’s co-founders. The two founded AviaGames in 2017, and the company has quickly grown to include a team of over 90 people.

In 2019, AviaGames released Pocket7Games, an inclusive gaming platform mobile app. It has since risen to the top of the rankings in multiple categories on the iOS AppStore and released to the Google Play store. So what exactly is Pocket7Games?

The Pocket7Games Experience

If you are a fan of skill-based games and haven’t started playing Pocket7Games, now is the perfect time to start! The Pocket7Games app is a gaming platform that offers 10 different games to play. Each game offers a fun and unique experience as well as a chance at winning real cash.

The app includes games such as Bingo Clash, an exciting take on the classic Bingo game. You can also play 21 Gold, a spinoff of Blackjack that puts your math skills and speed to the test. If you’re a Tetris fan, you will enjoy playing Tile Blitz, a game requiring quick-thinking to navigate and combine various tile pieces. These are just a few of the exciting games Pocket7Games has to offer.

Players can choose whether to compete for an in-game currency, called Tickets or for real money. So, before diving in and putting money on the line, users can practice and get the basics of each game down. Pocket7Games has so far already given over $400 million in prizes, which may explain why it’s ranked 2nd in the casino and card games category on the iOS store.

Every game provides a quick and easy experience, so the learning curve is almost nonexistent. New players can download the app and get started immediately after making an account. There’s no wait period or required deposit.

AviaGames Future

With additional funding and the support of investors, the future of AviaGames looks bright. The mobile gaming industry is estimated to bring in over $120 billion by the end of 2021, and the company is well-positioned to get a piece of that pie. AviaGames looks to continue to expand its reach into the international market as well as use some of the raised capital to further customer acquisition. As mobile gaming continues to grow and flourish, AviaGames is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the trend and become a leader in the gaming industry.

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