B.A Economics: What is it about?

The bachelor of economics honours is a 3-year full-time graduation course. The eligibility criterion for BA economics colleges is a Higher Secondary Certificate qualification from the recognized board with a minimum aggregate mark of 45 per cent. The entire course program is divided into 3 years which is separated into 6 semesters. Some universities may follow the yearly program of examination. The cut-off marks for an application for this course differ from institute to institute. In numerous recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission. The program is best suited for students who are looking to build a career in the economics stream

The program is best suited for learners who are on the lookout to build a career in the economics field. This will help in future career programs like MBA and keen to become an entrepreneur with comprehensive knowledge. It is the science that analyses the economy as a whole and its consumption, production, distribution of different goods & services. BA economics colleges should take into consideration the detailed study of both the microeconomics and macroeconomics aspects.

The program covers the definition, limitations, scope, utility, concepts, production & other major or minor aspects of the economics stream. It teaches them not only to learn in detail but also analyse and scrutinize the different facets based on which an economy runs. The program is not limited to the only Indian economy but it covers international economies too, providing it a global scope when it comes to career opportunities.

Economics graduates might get hired as Sales Analyst, Economist, Economics Researcher, Customer Profit Analyst, Investment Administrator Investment Analyst, etc. in areas such as Analysis or Forecasting Firms, Manufacturing Firms, Stock Exchanges, Financial Information Firms, Agricultural Companies, Banks, and banks credit unions, Trade Companies, etc.

The average fees for the program in India range between INR 25 K to INR 3 Lacs per academic year, & the average salary offered to such professionals ranges between INR 2 Lacs to INR 18 Lacs per annum, depending upon their experiences and expertise.

Admission Process for Bachelor of Economics Honours

In various recognized universities, there are entrance tests held followed by an interview to judge the eligibility of the candidate seeking admission. While some institutes offer admission in this program on the basis of candidates’ performance in board’s examination, on the other hand, some institutes might hold an entrance test followed by an interview to judge the suitability of the applicant for the program.

BA Economics Colleges: Career Prospects

This program caters to the students who look for a career in trade & commerce also in the banking sector of the economy as it offers them a highly comprehensive and ample study of the basics of economics & stats. The program helps the students to develop and enhance a highly keen & analytical outlook which further helps in their academic as well as professional careers. The three years long program offers an Indian economy, industrial economy, and agricultural economy study.

A bachelor of economics honours requires the candidates to have analytical, logical, and problem-solving capabilities in order to survive and prosper in the field. Along with communication, numeracy, and time management, computing, hard work & dedication are appreciated in the field of economics.  As a result, it not only provides theoretical knowledge to the students but also improve their skills which are essential to sustain oneself in the industry, along with the theoretic knowledge.

Final words

Such specialists are assets to the companies such as the Reserve Bank of India, The Planning Commission of India, The Indian Economic Service, and Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Sample Survey, etc. in job positions such as Economics Researcher, Sales Analyst, Economist, Investment Analyst, Customer Profit Analyst, and Investment Administrator, etc.

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