Benefits of Revision Notes for class 11 Maths Students

Studying for classes and tests is often a daunting task. As a student in school, in college, an examinee, and even as a presenter or professor- revision is the key to remembering and remembering is the key to having information. To begin with, we all have given exams at some point in our lives. Each one of us can recall the days of preparation, reading, underlining, and memorising. But, how many of us made copious notes on each topic? Half of us? One fourth? Whatever the number, the most commonly undisputed fact is that those students who made short notes of their work, were the ones who topped the class. That is the power of note-making. 

The process of studying is intensive. We need to read, understand, and absorb piles of information. While practising this first step with consistency, we begin to feel confident. The more we can understand, the more we gain clarity on what is taught to us. At that moment, a lot of us feel like we can answer anything on the topic. This is a trap. While for that one day it is possible that we can answer anything from the text, but, if we go back to it the next day we likely miss a few points. If we try next week, memory may fail us completely. 

However, let us now imagine another student- Student X of class 11. This student started in the same manner as the rest of the class. Except that with each reading, Student X made physical notes of what they understood and learnt. Next week, as the other students struggle to recall what they read seven days back, X simply has to look at their sheet of notes and everything floods back in. Moreover, they had been reading this sheet every alternate evening before dinner making the memory of the topic stronger and more resistant to time.  Visit Here: 

Benefits of Revision Notes  

Revision notes have to be one of the most underrated parts of academic life. The average student usually relies on their mugging up skills an hour before an exam. Truth be told it is not very efficient especially when it matters the most. Revision notes can be different to different people but they have the same helpful benefits for everybody. Preparing revision notes from NCERT Books for Class 11 Maths in Hindi are beneficial because –  

1. It makes the studying easier  

Kinda obvious but still a very important benefit. Revision notes can help you understand your study materials with a lot of simplicity.  

2. Strong Retention 

Revision notes help develop better concentration thus making it easier for you to retain everything you have studied.  

Rock Solid Memory 

Nothing helps you to better your memory over something you’re studying like your revision notes. The more time you spend with it the better your memory will be over the subject you are studying. 

Makes you want to Learn 

Revision notes help you understand your subject and inculcates a habit of learning. So in other words your revision notes help guide a part of learning and it’s when we learn something that our education is utilized to the fullest.  Visit The Site:

Helps your attention span. 

In this digital world our brains are always overstimulated, affecting our attention. Now this takes a little discipline but once you do get a hang of taking down revision notes and using them during your study time you get a better attention span and paying attention can really take your academic life to the next level. 

There are a lot of strategies for studying with the most common one being – preparation of revision notes. As we all know that if you don’t make notes while studying, you won’t retain much. So, making revision notes is a must. In this article, we will discuss various benefits of revision notes. Firstly, it helps you to improve your memory. When you study for long hours, you need to write down key points in your notebook which you can re-read later. You won’t need to go through all that stuff again while you revise. Revision notes increase your attention and focus. When you study a topic for the first time, you’ve to research that particular topic and while researching you’ve to go through a lot of irrelevant information. But, if you make notes by filtering out the useless information, those notes would help you later and would probably save much of your time. 

Studies have revealed that people use their brains more when they make study notes. This is because note-taking stimulates the part of your brain that promotes learning. You can simply train your brain to retain more information by making notes. You can understand things better if the information is written in the form of notes. Another study shows that if you know the art of note-making, you tend to be a well-organized person in real life. Study notes are also very easy to carry anywhere. You don’t need to carry all the study material everywhere if you’ve already converted that material into note-form. Last but not the least, note-taking makes revision very easy. It reduces your revision time and effort. You can simply revise in much less time and with minimal effort. So, if you want to ace in any field, make notes for studying effectively. 

“Jot down what you read while studying.” This order sounds familiar, right? This is how our parents forced us to our study tables with our reluctant selves. Lesser did we know the effectiveness of actually doing what they used to say! Here are few of the many points that commends their command.

evision Notes Are Cheap  

Revision notes allow students to save money on expensive textbooks. They don’t need to buy expensive texts if they make revision notes from open resources such as the internet. 

Revision Notes Are Portable  

Students need to carry their books and course materials with them wherever they go, but they don’t need to carry their revision notes. Students should always have their revision notes with them when they go out or travel. If they lose their books, they still have their revision notes. 

Revision Notes Are Easy to Carry Around

Most textbooks and course materials are large and bulky and take up a lot of space in a student’s bag or backpack when they leave the house. Most revision note sheets are small enough to fit in a pocket when students leave the house so it doesn’t add any extra weight or bulkiness to their bag or backpack.

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