Best Career Options 2022-23 | Top 5 Upcoming Career Options

Though there are plenty of careers to choose from, it is vital to know about the best career options & courses that offer huge job opportunities and high pay. So, students can choose the right courses for them after pursuing the courses they want to pursue.

Additionally, there are many distance education universities that offer top-notch distance education. Distance learning helps students to pursue their distance learning courses from home, and they do not need to go to a regular college to attend physical classes.

Therefore, the following part is going to give the essential pieces of information about the best career options. Also, you would know what courses to opt for to get numerous lucrative job opportunities.

What Are the Best Career Options?

There are innumerable career options for students to choose from, and there is scope in every field for suitable candidates. However, some careers have their advantages and perks. So, below are some of the top career options students can choose to pursue:

Digital Marketing

Technology has made it possible to develop some industries at an immense pace. As a result, new jobs are also being generated with the rise of technology. So, one of them is digital marketing. Also, in digital marketing, career opportunities are very broad and an individual can make handsome money in this field.

Therefore, to start a career in digital marketing, students can complete their bachelor’s degree in BBA in digital marketing and, subsequently, an MBA in digital marketing. Besides that, students can also attain various diploma and certificate courses to become digital marketers.

Information Technology

The field of information technology is very huge. There are plenty of job profiles such as application developer, web designer, web developer, data scientist, programmer, software engineer, cyber security analyst, data analyst, and various others.

Additionally, the IT industry is also going to increase manifolds in the upcoming years. Hence, making a career in the information technology sector can promise a bright future for students. So, to get job opportunities in the IT sector, students can pursue the following courses- BCA, B.Sc IT, B.Tech in computer science, MCA course, M.Sc IT, etc.


Every business needs managers to perform the different important tasks in the company. Therefore, big companies and organizations are always in search of professional managers that can help a company grow and lead the employees of the company.

Therefore, to get managerial jobs, students can pursue management courses like BBA, BMS, BHM, and MBA correspondence in different specializations such as supply chain management, human resource management, retail management, international business management, logistic management, marketing management, financial management, etc.

Government Jobs

Government jobs have always been in trend so students interested in government jobs can also prepare for various prominent government jobs such as banking jobs, civil service, army, teaching, and many other fields.

Additionally, some of the jobs you can apply for after completing your 12th. However, for most jobs, you need to complete a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Hence, students that are preparing for any government-level exam can opt for a distance learning graduation program. In this way, they can get much time to prepare for the exams.


Engineering is also one of the most prestigious and popular courses in the country. Students can pursue engineering in many specializations such as mechanical, electrical, aerospace, biotechnology, computer science, and various others.

Hence, to become an engineer, students have to complete their degrees. Also, to get a job in information technology, students can opt for a B.Tech in computer science.

Chartered Accountant (CA)

CA is an eminent job in the commerce discipline, so students that want to make a career in finance and accountancy can opt for these courses. Also, this is one of the most high-income jobs in the commerce discipline.

So, to become a CA, a student has to complete their graduation degree and, after that, they have to clear the three steps of the CA, which are the foundation, intermediate, and final.

Additionally, there are many other career fields where students can get plenty of jobs. So, students can pursue courses according to the job opportunities and career options they want in the future.

Top 5 Upcoming Courses to Pursue the Best Career Options

Some of the job-oriented courses after 12th/graduation for students that can help them have a successful career are as follows:

Master of Business (MBA)

Master of Business is a degree program that helps students get various jobs in the corporate world and business organizations. This is a master’s degree program that imparts students with the qualities of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Also, students can pursue an MBA correspondence from a distance education university. Additionally, MBA students can get jobs such as business consultancy, finance manager, store manager, operation manager, and others.

Bachelor of Computer Science (BCA)

It is a bachelor’s degree program in computer application. In these programs, students learn about various functions of the computer operating system. Also, the students learn about Digital Computer Fundamentals, Introduction To Programming Using C, Database Management Systems, Software Engineering, programming in java, and other useful concepts.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC)

Public speaking is an important component for getting many jobs in today’s world. Also, communication skills alone can help you to be successful in various fields. This course also provides a variety of job opportunities, such as reporter, actor, host, anchor, radio jockey, public speaking coach, and so on.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

BA is a bachelor’s degree program in arts subjects such as Hindi, English, psychology, etc. This is one of the courses that offer a variety of scope for career opportunities for students. Additionally, students become eligible to pursue many master’s degree programs and also participate in graduate-level contemplative exams.

B.Sc (IT)

B.Sc IT program is designed to impart students with theoretical knowledge of computer systems. In this program, students learn about the foundation concepts of the computer and its operating systems.

Apart from that, there are many other beneficial courses that students can opt for from distance education universities. Some of the other popular courses are B.Com, BHM, MBBS, B.Lis, BSW, etc.

End Conclusion for Best Career Options

Students can choose the career they want to pursue and enrol in the courses according to their job prospects. Therefore, many different UGC-DEB authorized colleges offer distance education courses that provide the best career options.

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