Blinds Buyer’s Guide

Despite being the traditional method of blackout windows and weather protection, blinds are now more popular than ever! They are sturdy, flexible, beautiful and effective, and with so many styles and designs, there is guaranteed to be a blind that will look perfect in any home. But how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

What to Consider Before Buying Blinds

Before you start looking for blinds, the first thing you need to consider is your home situation: what do you need blinds for? The sun is a big problem for Central Coast buyers, and you may want blinds that provide shade, but different types of blinds work better for different things.

Let’s say you’re adding shutters to your bedroom. In this case, you may need privacy, and you may have to use different materials depending on whether they are indoors or outdoors, as some are more weather resistant than others.

Why shutters are perfect for Central Coast weather

When it comes to weather, shutters are perfect for use on Australia’s Central Coast as they provide all the ventilation you might need without sacrificing the ability to shade or protect your home from severe weather. With adjustable blinds, you can decide exactly how much air flows through the blinds, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Plus, they protect you from bright light while also protecting your privacy.

What shutter options are available?

  • Plantation shutters are a classic choice for your windows and doors, timeless and elegant at the same time very functional. Plantation shutters are also very flexible, with mechanisms in a variety of sizes and styles, including bi-fold and sliding.
  • PVC shutters are an excellent choice for indoor use because they are hard-wearing and easy to clean, and can withstand the heat of the sun passing through the windows. They won’t bend or warp in even the harshest conditions, and they’re also mildew and stain resistant.
  • Aluminium blinds are the perfect outdoor option as they look light and elegant and can withstand sunny and rainy days without damage. Aluminum is light and strong, making it ideal for high-traffic areas that are heavily used.
  • Wooden shutters are the most elegant solution to add a lovely natural look to your home. Not as sturdy as other types and only recommended for indoor use, but has a timeless charm that is hard to beat.


One of the most beloved qualities of plantation shutters since they hit the market a few years ago is the quality of their insulation. Similar to blinds, plantation blinds allow you to fine-tune the amount of light entering your home in a way that curtains and roller blinds can’t.

No matter which type of material you choose, they will provide some level of insulating quality. However, PVC and aluminium perform better than wood shutters in this regard. Both aluminum and PVC are constructed to keep the sun and heat in their tracks, keeping the heat out and keeping the internal temperature constant.

PVC shutters are the best option because they are less prone to heat up than aluminum shutters. However, PVC material is not loved by many, and some still prefer the natural feel of wood or the sleek style of aluminum. If you want pure insulation, PVC plantation shutters are your best choice. However, for a more aesthetically pleasing approach, aluminum was chosen.

Custom made

Plantation shutters are highly customizable, from the choice of color to the treatment of the material. This is one of the many reasons why plantations are such a big trend. Blinds that complement the interior or exterior of a home often work best, and each of the four materials above covers nearly every design style.

Traditional homes and townhouses will greatly benefit from basswood or poplar as a material. These two give the property a rustic aesthetic that also looks great from the outside. Poplar works great with soft pastel colors, while basswood is great for homes with warmer tones. Think about the design of your home and what works best.

More modern homes will often consider PVC and aluminum, depending on how modern the home is. Ultra-modern interiors will greatly benefit from PVC, with its fine lines and simple shapes. Aluminum can cover all types of modern designs and is a convenient alternative to traditional home design.

At the end of the day, it should be about what you like and what goes well with your particular taste in interior and exterior decor. Think about what works and what doesn’t work with your existing design, and go from there. The best thing about plantation shutters is that no matter what you choose, the cost is low and the installation process is very easy.


Different materials have different uses and practical applications, and plantation shutters are no exception. While poplar and basswood woods are highly sought after for their beauty, they may not be suitable for homes that entertain young families. Likewise, aluminum shutters can be a hazard to these same types of homes.

You can think of many other similar scenarios, and an objective review of what is practical may help to think about what looks best in your home However, with the wide variety of plantation shutters, you should have no problem finding a middle ground that suits everyone.

Plantation shutters are often not the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for new window furniture. Blinds and curtains are more common these days, but plantation shutters are a gorgeous classic design feature that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

  • Great for insulating your home in the summer and insulating it in the winter
  • Great for room ventilation
  • Can be adjusted to allow more or less light
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Simple and classic design that won’t age
  • versatile

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