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Boost your real estate marketing with Digital Marketing

The real estate marketing can help project developers, construction companies, investors, real estate agents, commercial landlords, municipalities and housing corporations to market new construction projects or their existing stock of homes and/ or office space. By means of campaigns and project sites to sell or rent the homes online. They can market real estate for real estate projects of larger developers and real estate investors. You can also give your real estate a boost with!

Real estate, just like the rest of the world, is undergoing major changes. The consumer is changing rapidly and companies and service providers have to adapt to this. In addition to an adjustment of the services, it is perhaps even more important for the brokerage to adjust the marketing approach. In short, marketing needs to be overhauled. In this digital marketing, they outline the problems in this area in a nutshell and provide tools to make better use of (online) marketing opportunities.

Real estate marketing: offline, online and real life

In the case of real estate marketing, an advertisement, a construction board and brochure used to be sufficient to interest future residents in your project. Nowadays your target group is orienting itself through all kinds of channels. Offline, online and real life. Regardless of the channels through which you come into contact with potential buyers or tenants for your project, as a real estate developer or housing corporation you will ultimately benefit from an approach that produces sufficient quality leads. However, digital marketing is the best way to help you with your real estate communication.

They believe that an integrated approach is necessary for optimal results in real estate projects. From project development, marketing communication to sales/ rental. 

Sales through social media 

Looking for a broker? Just a few standard headlines that you constantly come across on the Facebook pages of brokers. But ask yourself whether that is the information that the visitors are waiting for. For many offices, the use of social media is unfortunately no more than an extra sales channel for homes. And nobody is waiting for that.
Social media has become a serious media type in recent years, when used properly. Content is the keyword. In other words, use social media to share your real-life experience with the rest of the world.
Engage, inspire and hold on to your reader. How do you do that? This requires creativity and a lot of logical thinking. It is important that you start to take social media seriously and see its power (possibly in combination with publications on your website or your email newsletter).
Then make a plan in which you determine what your goals are and then translate that into actions. And last but not least: create a content calendar so that you have a clear picture of what and when you are going to do on your website and social media channels.

With these digital efforts you can keep a close eye on the results and segment shifts in every step, adjust the efforts based on this and provide feedback periodically on the basis of clear reports. Contact Reposition for Digital Marketing reporting services.

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