Bosch Circular Saw Prices and Specifications in Kenya

Majority of the people are still not aware of the development of circular saws in the country. So, what is a Borsch circular saw? This is a powerful tool manufactured to help in the tasks you are faced with while working on a construction site or any other project which requires cutting of substances both wood or metal. The saw is made to handle even the most demanding tasks with ease.

The Bosch circular saw costs between twelve thousand Kenyan shillings to seventeen thousand shillings. The price entirely depends on the different dealers who sell the machine. You can order from the internet as well through online shopping sites. That said, the immediate question would be why this particular saw is more costly than the other types of saws in the country.

The features and the advantages that come with using this saw are the reasons behind the current  Bosch circular saw price in Kenya. It uses corded electric for its power source. It cuts at a speed of 4400 RPM which makes it among the fast saws. The saw has 24 teeth and its total weight adds up to 10.2 pounds. With 120 volts, it gives a real value for your money.

Again, the Bosch circular saw has a 15-amp motor which enables it to execute difficult operations. The blades can cut deep and deliver a variety of different angles as well as professional cuts. The magnesium footplate gives the tool steadiness for durability and safety. There is also an anti-snag lower guard which makes it easy to read the depth gauge hence ease in cutting. It also has a blower which helps to clear dust for more accurate cuts.

This specific tool has numerous advantages which influence its cost. They include:

Comfort and speed. This professional grade circular saw produces fast cuts due to the 24 teeth on the blade. This makes it very comfortable to handle even when cutting through hard objects like wood and metal. Carpenters, people who work on frames and others of similar work can therefore carry out their work fast thus delivering on time.

It has a great bevel capacity. The Bosch circular saw has a 56 degrees bevel capacity as well as positive detents of 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees respectively for working on different projects. The bevel is high contrast and it contains depth scales which aid in producing accurate cuts.

Torque and weight efficiency.This particular saw delivers up to 5600 no load rpm which provides enough torque to get wok done. The machine weighs only 10.2 lbs which makes it work efficiently and provide an amazing cutting to weight ratio. The handle has a soft grip which makes it easy to control while working even on tough tasks.

Durability.This saw is made to withstand tough working conditions for years. The sellers even give a warranty for this tool. A saw hook that comes with the saw which gives convenience in storage between the cuts.

The only disadvantage of this product is that it does not favour buyers with a low income.

Lastly the Bosch circular saw comes in two ranges. The expert range includes blades for wood, stainless steel, fibre cement and aluminium. This range has a blue coating. The standard range on the other hand only includes blades for aluminium, wood and steel.

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