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BSc Nursing degree course helps students to make a career in the field of the healthcare industry. As we know, the healthcare industry is huge in our country and is still growing exponentially. Therefore, choosing a career in this field can be a worthwhile decision for students. Thus, you will get to know about the BSc courses details and specifically the BSc Nursing Syllabus and much more.

Furthermore, you get an idea of what the career options are after completing a BSc nursing course.

What is BSc Nursing?

BSc or Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an undergraduate program in the nursing discipline. So, this program imparts students with a foundational understanding of the field of medicine. Also, the duration of the BSc nursing degree program is four years, and the program is divided into 8 semesters.

Also in this program, students learn subjects such as medical health nursing, microbiology, psychology, human anatomy, English, and computers. Therefore, they acquire full expertise in this field.

As a result, BSc nursing salary is quite high and there are huge job opportunities in this field. Also, there are a large number of career options available in the government sectors too.

What is the Eligibility Parameter to Enroll in a BSc Nursing Degree?

The eligibility criteria can differ from college to college. However, there are some basic eligibility parameters that are the same in all colleges.

  • To enrol in a BSc nursing course, students have to complete their 10+2 or any other equivalent qualification from any board that is recognized by the government.
  • Also, students have to obtain a minimum aggregate score as per the college’s demand.

How to Apply for the BSc Nursing Degree Program?

Once students complete their 12th grade, they can opt for the BSc nursing course. There are many UGC-recognized colleges/institutes that offer this degree program. So, students can apply online or offline to get admission at any college that offers a BSc nursing course.  Also, before applying for admission, students must first check the eligibility criteria of the college they want to enrol in. Moreover, the BSc nursing fees also depend on the mode in which you complete your degree. Aside from that, the BSc nursing fees can vary from one college to the next.

Additionally, students can complete their BSc nursing degree in either regular or online mode. So, to complete their BSc degree online, students can join any UGC-DEB authorized institute and attain their degree in online mode.

What are the Subjects in the Curriculum of the BSc Nursing Course?

Below are listed the subjects in the BSc Nursing syllabus are:


Students in the first year of this course learn about the composition and function of blood, nutrition and dietetics, endocrine and metabolism, methods of calculating calories, therapeutic adaptations of a normal diet, cardio-vascular system, carbohydrate classification, nucleic acid catabolism, and other topics.


The second-year consists of subjects such as Applications of Psychiatric Nursing, Operation Theater Techniques, Types of Anesthesia, Knowing the Instruments, Methods of Health Education, Audio-Visual Aids, Lumbar Air Study, Sterilization of Instruments, Medical-Surgical Nursing, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Nursing, Health Communication & Teaching, etc.


Role of Epidemiology in Community Health, Social structure of the society and individual, Significance of Sociology in Nursing, Nurse’s role in family planning, Sociological & Economical contrasts, Trends in Nursing and Professional Adjustment, Development of the Maternal and Child Health Care, Maternal & Child Health, Nutritional needs for children & adults, and other concepts.


The subjects students study in the fourth year are Preparation for Delivery, Introduction to Database, Philosophy of Supervision, Elementary Principles of Medicine, Formal & Informal Organizational Structure, Introduction to Computer Science, Physiology of Labor, Types of measures, graphs methods of presentation, Introduction to Research & Statistics, etc.

What are the Career Options After Completing BSc Nursing?

There are various fields where students get job opportunities in the healthcare industry once they obtain a BSc nursing degree. So below are some of the job profiles students can apply to:

  • Ward Nurse
  • Nurse Manager
  • Medicinal chemist
  • Nursing teacher or tutor
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Rehabilitation Specialist 
  • Home Care Nurse
  • Nursing Supervisor or Ward Sister
  • Genetic counsellor
  • Paramedic Nurse
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Health service manager, etc.

Besides that, students can also prepare for various Jobs after B.Sc in many sectors of the medical and government sectors.

Additionally, the fields where you can find job opportunities are:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Home Health Agencies
  • NGOs
  • Faith Communities
  • Research Institute
  • Hospitals (both private and government)
  • Educational institutes, etc.

What Are the Advantages of the BSc Nursing Degree Program?

Some of the benefits of pursuing this degree program are as follows-

  • BSc nursing programs provide a plethora of job opportunities for students.
  • BSc nursing students can pursue post-graduation and, subsequently, a PhD to gain more knowledge and add a degree to their resume.
  • The healthcare industry has a wide range of fields, so students can find job profiles in many fields. 
  • Apart from the private sector, students can get jobs in the public sector too. 


Students can opt for a BSc nursing degree program if they want to help people and contribute to saving people’s lives. Also, this degree program gives you the opportunity to contribute towards helping the people in need. And you can do your graduation complete in one year.

Therefore, the BSc nursing syllabus consists of subjects that impart students with both theoretical and practical knowledge of nursing. Therefore, in this program, students accumulate proficiency in this field. 

So, 12th grade passed students can apply to any UGC accredited university that offers this degree program. Also, the BSc nursing salary can be high for students that have proper qualifications and experience in nursing.

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