Casino Tips & Strategies for Dragon Tiger 

The 21st century casino industry is so vast and all-encompassing that even people living through the golden age of Las Vegas gambling back in the 20th century will be completely and utterly gobsmacked. Oh yes, because casino gambling these days doesn’t just happen in the hundreds of thousands of brick and mortar casinos around the world, it also happens en masse in the fascinatingly modern world of online casinos too. 

It all means that there are so many different revenue streams for the 21st century casino market, with everything from online slots, to online bingo and land-based blackjack bringing in a seriously healthy amount of income – join One of the lesser-known casino games in the 21st century is Dragon Tiger, something that is very similar to baccarat in many ways, and was first popularised in Cambodia. Keep reading for some casino tips and strategies for Dragon Tiger… 

An overview of Dragon Tiger 

Owing to the fact that Dragon Tiger doesn’t quite have the same popularity as the classic casino table games like blackjack, poker or roulette, it is worth giving a brief overview of the casino game before we get into actual tips and strategy. As we mentioned already, Dragon Tiger is essentially a simplified version of baccarat, one that uses just two cards. Legend has it that Dragon Tiger was first devised in Cambodia, which explains its popularity amongst Asian gamblers. 

So, the basic action in Dragon Tiger revolves around the dealing of two cards: one for the Dragon, the other for the Tiger. Gamblers bet on which card will be the highest value, and there are also a few other bets like a tie, Big/Small, Odd/Even and Red/Black. As you can see, Dragon Tiger is immensely simple to play, and this can explain its rapidly rising popularity amongst beginner gamblers in particular. 

Where can I play Dragon Tiger in the 21st century? 

Right then, if Dragon Tiger sounds like it’s going to be your cup of tea you will probably be wondering where you can play it in the 21st century. Although Dragon Tiger isn’t exactly the most famous casino game in the world, we are still lucky enough to be able to play it in a variety of different places: 

  •         Brick and mortar casinos: Now, in the western world you might have a little more trouble finding Dragon Tiger in casinos, however it is still available in most large establishments. It is also very common in the Asian casino market.
  •         Online casino: Oh yes, the online casino world covers so many different games, so it’s no surprise that Dragon Tiger is readily available on a wide variety of sites.

Casinos tips for Dragon Tiger 

RIght then, although Dragon Tiger is quite a simple game, there are still some tips that will increase your chances of success, here are some of our favourites: 

  •         As gambling analysts will tell you, the best bet with Dragon Tiger is always to bet on the Dragon or Tiger.
  •         Avoid the tie bet where possible.
  •         Remember card counting can work a charm with Dragon Tiger. 

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