Changing world and preschooling

Australia is one among the fastest developing countries in the world. Urbanisation is also skyrocketing for the last few decades. The jobs in Australia is one of the best paid in the world as Australia became the base of many multinational companies. The qualification required for jobs is getting higher day by day. Australian educational institutions are well known for their world-class educational process. But the development of children from a young age is vital. This development is where preschools play a relevant part. Like preschool in Revesby, where children learn to co-exist with nature, will teach children values and morals. Schooling in the modern world should not be only about science and technology. Children will learn about it as they grew. At younger ages, they should learn to be kind to others and to be a social being. This type of teaching will help them to develop a good character as they grew. And it will give rise to a better society. Modern education should have some features and activities that help them to grow up as a good person.

Social activities: In a world where everyone is busy, children at home will grow more introverted and not be attached to society. Lack of social involvement will affect their character development. Also, a lack of friends will lead them to be an addict to technology. Social activities like volunteer services will make them more confident and attached to the community. Also, it will help to develop more responsibility towards society. Visiting retirement homes or orphanages will induce empathy, and it creates a view of how to take care of their parents. Cleaning activities will teach them constantly to keep their surrounding clean and neat.

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Nature-friendly activities: Teaching the new generation about the importance of mother nature is as important as teaching them how to survive. Children in urbanised cities like New south wales will lack contact with nature. So teaching them to live with the environment will let them have a character that protects the environment. Activities like planting trees will help them understand the importance of trees for our survival. Taking them for a hike through the forest will help them to understand the ecosystem. And it will help them to get a better view of the world they live in. Small agricultural cultivation activities will help children to understand various aspects of agriculture. This activity also encourages them to familiarise themselves with various farming equipment and the steps involved in cultivating different food corps. By this activity, children will give more value to food and will try to avoid food wastage.

Teaching by engagement: Australian schools are already known for their best-in-class teaching system. But in preschooling time, teachers should engage children in teaching. Letting them take a lecture for a few minutes will give them the confidence to address a group of people. These activities will increase their leadership skills. Teachers have to identify the children with introverted character or shyness and give them more engaging activities. Through such exercises, the psychological well-being of children will be achieved. More than showing pictures of birds and animal, teachers should take them to zoo or bird parks. Such involved learning will help children to have a better understanding of what they learn in school.

Preschools have an influential role in making a good citizen. So it is important to find a perfect institution like a preschool in Revesby, where children learn about science and technology and learn about life and its different aspects. Preschools should include such activities for developing a better generation.

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