Chemical Peels: The Best Way to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Many skin treatments promise vitality, glow, and smoothness. However, no other cosmetic dermatology Forest Hills treatment is more effective in rejuvenating the skin than chemical peels. The chemical peeling process is straightforward and involves applying a specific solution to your skin which causes blistering and consequently peeling of old skin to reveal newer, smoother skin.

What are the benefits of getting a chemical peel?

Chemical peels are a practical approach to solving your skin concerns. However, this treatment does not apply to all skin conditions. Some of the main issues you can solve through chemical peeling include fine lines, wrinkles, and acne.

There are so many impurities clogging your skin that may be causing breakouts on your face. Your doctor may recommend a chemical peel to eliminate the top layer of your skin to reveal fresher skin underneath.

Patients with sun damage are usually susceptible to wrinkles. However, sun damage is not the only cause of saggy skin. Some patients develop wrinkles due to aging. A potential treatment to reverse this side effect is chemical peeling which may stimulate collagen production to promote healthy skin.

Who gets chemical peels?

Patients who get the best results from chemical peels are light-skinned and fair-haired. However, it is possible to get relatively good results if you are dark-skinned, depending on the concern you are addressing. The main side effect of chemical peels that dark-skinned patients get is uneven skin tone, reversible with the right approach.

Although chemical peels are an effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, patients with severe skin sagging may not gain maximum results. It would be best for patients with severe wrinkles to compliment their chemical peel procedure with another cosmetic surgical technical like laser resurfacing or fillers to receive maximum results.

What you should know before getting a chemical peel

An initial consultation is necessary to help your doctor understand your goals. A physical examination will provide crucial information about your skin’s condition and help your doctor develop an ideal approach to solving your concerns.

It is essential to stay open when providing your doctor with crucial information about your medical history. For example, a positive medical history for facial x-rays may disqualify your candidacy for the treatment. It is also wise to inform your doctor about any current medications. Doctors recommend seizing taking certain drugs like glycolic acid days before the procedure.

What does the chemical peeling process involve?

You should expect an overnight stay after the treatment because a chemical peel is an outpatient procedure. Your doctor will clean your skin before applying any peeling solution. The process of peeling your skin is relatively painless. However, you may experience a burning sensation when your doctor uses the chemical solution on your skin. Your doctor may provide a cold compress after the procedure to relieve stinging. Doctors also recommend pain medication for patients with sensitive skin. You may need to repeat mild chemical peel sessions to achieve dramatic results. Contact the Adult and Pediatric Dermatology offices to understand the different types of chemic peels available and which one will provide the results you need. 

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