Columbia Cosmetic Dentist | How Can They Help You?

A general dentist looks after fundamental dental requirements, whereas a cosmetic dentist focuses on the patient’s smile’s aesthetics. A cavity can be filled by both aesthetic and general dentists. A Columbia cosmetic dentist is in charge of a wide range of operations, from simple adjustments to extensive surgery.

If you dislike the way your smile looks, a skilled cosmetic dentist can be just what you need. Cosmetic dentistry combines creative ability with cutting-edge dental technology. Following are how a cosmetic dentist can help you out:

Whitening your teeth

The most common way to enhance the color of a person’s teeth is to use teeth whitening procedures. Professional teeth whitening procedures are far more effective than over-the-counter whitening alternatives. Dentists have access to prescription-grade bleaching solutions that can lighten teeth by up to eight shades in only one procedure. Teeth whitening is a good approach to get rid of stains and discoloration caused by meals, beverages, smoking, and aging.

Dental bonding 

This procedure is the use of a composite resin to repair stained or broken teeth. The resin used matches the color of the rest of the patient’s teeth, allowing the restored tooth to fit in. It is frequently performed without anesthesia. Gaps between teeth, cavities, discoloration, broken teeth, and malformed teeth are all treated by dental bonding.

Improves Oral Health

Teeth that are severely bent are more than simply an aesthetic issue. Crooked teeth can contribute to the same concerns that decaying or fractured teeth do, such as jaw discomfort and periodontal disease. One can make teeth and gums healthy while getting these aesthetic dental concerns fixed swiftly.

Dental implants 

Implants are the primary method of tooth replacement. An implant is a prosthetic root that replaces the natural root that is lost when a tooth is extracted. This aids in the prevention of bone tissue loss that happens when a tooth and its root are lost. A crown is placed on the implant’s external-facing end to replace the missing tooth. Once implanted, they seem and feel natural, and they don’t require any extra care.

Improves Appearance

Cosmetic dental operations can help people obtain a healthier, more appealing, straighter, vibrant, and more youthful smile, regardless of whether they have crooked, discolored, chipped, cracked, or missing teeth. Almost all forms of dental flaws can be addressed with cosmetic dental procedures.


Dentures are made up of two components: a framework that sits on the wearer’s gums and prosthetic teeth. People who have lost most of their natural teeth choose dentures. Those who have merely lost a few teeth might benefit from partial dentures.

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