COVID-19 has paused season for No. 5 Gamecocks’ basketball

Recently the No.5 Gamecocks has stopped all kinds of team activity. The team of Dawn Staley was doing very well. Everyone loved the way of the progress of this basketball team. All the players of this basketball team were working very hard and also got their results. But unfortunately, they have to pause all kind of team activity because of COVID-19. A player of No. 5 Gamecocks had a favorable report. So, for the matter of safety, they have to stop the journey on the way. Due to the system, if any player or member of the team has a positive result of the COVID-19 test, that team must maintain the quarantine. The rules are equal for everyone. The team has to maintain the break for the reason of public safety.

Every member of the Gamecocks has to test for COVID-19. If no one else gets a favorable report, they will continue the season again. Safety is the first condition in this pandemic. COVID-19 has already spread out in the whole world. Many people died of this virus already. This virus is one of the most dangerous things of the present time. Because of COVID-19, every country in the world is in a significant problem. If you want to stay safe, you have to keep a distance from the person who has the positive result of COVID-19. It will be good for everyone to take a break in this situation. If anyone on this basketball team got COVID-19 positive, they should keep their distance from the other player.

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There is a chance for Gamecocks to come back. If they don’t get any positive report, then the Gamecocks team will play their next match on the basketball ground. So, you have to wait for a while for the report to know about the next match of Gamecocks.

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