Death of doctor by the medical examiners investigate who got corona virus vaccine in the US

The medical examiner found that the doctor’s death happened after taking the corona virus vaccine in Miami-Dade country.

Darren, the operation director, explained that the doctor’s office was in the Florida Department of Health and the US centers. He works for disease control and prevention to investigate.

Everyone guess that the death of the doctor is linked with the vaccine.

ut this is not sure because this reason is one among all the possibilities, Mr. Caprara added this.

According to the website of Michael’s, he was a gynecologist. And he practices in the private practice at the Mount Sinai Medical center. In Miami Beach, his working life was 15 years in this medical center. According to the public record, he was 56.

According to the investigation, Mr. Michael has received the vaccine around 19 December, and he died in ¾ January. After death, an autopsy was conducted on Tuesday. At this time, Mr. Caprara said that the cause of this death is till now find by studying in the completion of studies, partner agencies, and medical examiner. But they are not sure which vaccine Michael received for the corona virus. For this, they try to take the information the place or say the medical place he was vaccinated.

After taking the vaccine, there will be a symptom find within 16 days. This was the 1st dose of his vaccine. corona And this is highly an unusual clinical death case. After 1st dose, the body’s ability to clot blood and stop the internal bleeding. And in this dead case, the same thing was to happen. So every one sure that the doctor was dead for the vaccine. They try to get more information by the investigation.

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