Dementia – Its Stages, Possible Cure, and Prevention Techniques

Aging is inevitable. If a loved one in your family or someone close to you is aging it is not too late to observe them keenly and start picking up on signs they exhibit in performing daily actions. We can pick dementia in our elders if we pay attention to the signs exhibit in the early stages of dementia so we can work on its prevention and cure. 

What are the Stages of Dementia?

Like every disease, Dementia develops from minimum to maximum. These growing signs are often reflected in its seven stages of Dementia. Stage one will not indicate any changes in the brain unless they are detected by a CT scan. At stage two, the symptoms are the least noticeable, and can also be confused with normal aging signs. For instance, the patient will stop paying attention to details and often confuse words or objects. From stages three to five, the patient will exhibit mild to moderate changes where a closed relative can observe them and plan ahead a preventive or treatment program. Stages six and seven of Dementia will show extreme changes in cognitive behavior and will require expert level care, attention, and medication. 

Can We Cure Dementia?  

There are most definitely possible cures for dementia, however, its treatment is determined by the underlying cause. For instance, in the case of vitamin deficiency dementia, vitamin supplements are able to reverse its effects. It is also possible to treat other contributors of dementia, such as depression and thyroid problems. 

However, dementia that progresses through Alzheimer’s cannot be treated. Researchers are still trying to uncover the best treatment for this progressive dementia. You can still find some relief in medications that promises to temporarily offer ease and support to the patient’s growing neurological disabilities like confusion or memory loss. 

While Rivastigmine, Donepezil, Galantamine, and Memantine are the four drugs that help dementia patients, it is important that you take an expert health care consultant’s advice before start giving the supplements to patients. As the doctor which supplement is best for which stage.  

You can also search for home health care agencies near me and find expert health care professionals that readily offer their advice and support. 

A patient’s family, friends, or caregivers can use non-medical approaches to help them cope. As a result, patients with dementia enjoy a higher quality of life. Here are a few examples of alternative treatments:

  • Keeping the patient comfortable during their difficult time will offer mental peace
  • Having a soft voice when explaining facts and being patient with them can also help them cope with their disease
  • Learning to take care of their agitation and mood swings
  • Make the outside environment relaxed and peaceful for them to cope with their inside raging energies
  • Learn the art of diverting the patient’s attention when they are in their worse form

Is it possible to avoid dementia?

There are some risk factors we can’t control, such as genes and age. According to research, patients with dementia can reduce their risk of developing dementia by following a healthy lifestyle. Here are some suggestions for healthy living:

  • Maintain healthy eating habits
  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • Keep yourself engaged in physical activity
  • Actively participate in cognitively stimulating activities such as board games

The Last Word

 If your loved one or anyone in your knowledge is suffering from Dementia, know that it is not easy for them. By observing keenly their behavior, we can detect the disease at an early stage and find a possible cure. While different patients progress through the stages of Dementia at different speed rates, it is possible for these stages to overlap. It is also plausible that not every patient will experience the same symptoms. 

The best way to get them help is to get an expert’s opinion and take action by finding some home care services. There are many dementia care Houston service providers that promise to offer the best home care services, aiming at improving the life of your loved ones and your family. 

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