Dental Crowns in Dacula | Things You Need to Know

Do you wish to restore the functioning of your damaged tooth? Dental crowns are the best option in Dacula. Also, they may help in improving your appearance. Has your dentist suggested you go for this option? If yes, you may wish to have a detailed understanding of dental crowns. To your good news, we have come up with more details about dental crowns in Dacula, which will help you make informed decisions. Keep reading to know more. 

When to Opt for Dental Crowns? 

If your tooth has suffered decay or dental trauma, dental crowns can help repair it. The crowns cover the entire tooth structure from top to bottom, and it acts like a shield protecting your tooth from any more damage. The crown covers the remaining healthy enamel, and you don’t have to suffer from any more discomfort and pain. 

So, if your tooth is damaged to a great extent, going for a dental crown is the best choice. This process ensures that you restore the damaged tooth in the best possible way. Apart from offering restorative purposes, dental crowns play an important role in cosmetic dentistry too. Sometimes, you may be suffering from uneven teeth, and dental bonding or veneers may not be the ideal option. In such cases, dental crowns are the most preferred option by many dentists. 

How is The Process Performed? 

As you go for the procedure, first of all, your dentist will clean and numb your mouth. Only after the affected area is numbed will they start trimming the damaged enamel. They use a dental drill to get rid of the decayed part. After this, they will use dental trays to take the impression and will send you home with a temporary crown. 

Now, the dentist will send your impressions to the dental lab, where your permanent dental crown will be created. And it is on your second appointment that the dentist will remove the temporary crown and will clean the area. After checking that the permanent crown fits you perfectly, they will complete the procedure. 

Final Words

Losing a tooth can have a big impact on your looks, and you may never look the same again. You may not wear the same beautiful smile on your face. So, you must never consider losing a tooth an option, and without any more delay, reach out to the dentist to find the most feasible solution to your dental problems.

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