Didn’t like E cigarettes then Consider Modern Vapes

Remember when electronic smoking things first hit the market back in the early 2000’s? They were shown in science fiction shows, a few Trinity people had them, they were sold in tobacco stores and from kiosks in malls. Some people swear by them, but a lot of people really didn’t like them, myself included. The formula in them was caustic and rough, it tasted kind of questionable at best and just didn’t work all that well.

Well, modern vapes like geekvape or for that matter uwell may be based on the same technology and be targeting the same audience, that of smokers wishing to be healthier or at least be pestered less, but there’s a lot of changes having been made in this technology since back in the day.

For one, advances and batteries have exploded due to the cell phone, handheld and tablet markets over the past couple decades, which drove the capacity and quality of compact rechargeable batteries through the roof. Even disposable vape pens of modern design have quite a long-lasting charge, well within their necessity.

The bigger changes have been in form factor and the juice. To get a better experience, mimicking a slender cigarette just isn’t really practical, they can hold much of a battery nor can they hold that much juice. However, many disposable vapes are of a slender, tubular shape just bigger, about the size of a tiny pocket flashlight.

The juice itself is the star attraction, being simpler and much safer than any old-fashioned E liquid recipes used in the old times. It’s a simpler recipe, calling for a glycerin base of either vegetable oil or propylene glycol, salt nicotine and some sort of artificial flavoring. That’s really all there is to it, and while they haven’t yet been proven harmless, none of these ingredients are particularly known to do any kind of lasting harm to the human body as far as we currently know. It is definitely scientifically proven to be safer than smoking, with none of the ash or toxic compounds produced by combustion being present.

These flavors generally provide a soothing, cooler and moister experience than cigarette or pipe smoke, but it isn’t a choking level of moisture like steam. It feels like some sort of cool, ever so slightly effervescent mist, pleasant and relieving. There are a great many flavors that are possible thanks to the fact that no combustion happens, preserving a flavor through combustion is a serious chemical challenge after all.

For those menthol smokers out there, don’t worry, they have you covered to. All of them have an ever so slightly mentholated experience to them, one that even non-menthol smokers will be fine with. However, if you pick out flavors with ice in the name, you experience a heavier IC sensation, one I happen to be a fan of.

A wide range of flavors with or without the ice sensation added to them are available from fruit flavors to candy flavors, ice cream and soda flavors, other beverages, even tobacco flavors and flavors that had to have names invented for them.

If you are interested in a healthier lifestyle, and switching to products like vaporesso or voopoo, [company name] is your one-stop shop online for the best vapes out there.

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