Difference Between Arterial Vs Venous Ulcers

Arterial and venous ulcers are painful, open sores caused by poor blood circulation. They are often found on the lower extremities of your body, such as the legs and feet. Arterial ulcers occur when an artery in your leg gets damaged and prevents blood flow. Venous ulcers occur when insufficient blood flow to the heart damages the veins. 

Arterial and venous ulcers take a long time to heal, given that they heal at all. Without medical help for venous and arterial ulcers in San Antonio, these wounds can get bigger and pose a threat to your health. 

How Do Arterial Ulcers Develop?

Arterial ulcers are also known as arterial wounds. When blood is unable to circulate to the lower parts of your body, the skin and tissues get deprived of oxygen-enriched blood and start to die. When this happens, they form an open wound on your legs and feet.

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As there is poor circulation of blood in your legs and feet, the nutrients essential for the healing of wounds take a longer time to reach the area of the wound, and it takes a longer time to heal. Without oxygen-enriched blood, the white blood cells may not be able to fight off the bacteria as well. This increases the chances of the wound getting infected. 

It is recommended to consult with a doctor and get treated for arterial ulcers as soon as possible. If ulcers are left untreated, they can cause severe complications, such as tissue necrosis and even amputation. 

How Do Venous Ulcers Develop?

Venous ulcers are open sores caused when the veins in your leg get damaged and cannot push back blood to your heart as well as they should. When blood does not flow properly, it can pool in one area of the body. The blood accumulates in the vein, increasing pressure inside it.

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High pressure in your legs pushes fluid out of the vein, which then breaks the skin and causes an open sore to form. Most venous ulcers are formed on the leg, around or above your ankle. Venous ulcers may cause little to no discomfort. You may experience inflammation, swelling, aching, hardened skin, discharge, and brown/blackened skin. In some cases, when the ulcer gets infected, it can be painful. 

Why Do Leg Ulcers Require Medical Help?

The reason why ulcers are formed in the first place is due to poor circulation of blood. Blood has all the essential nutrients that are needed for our body to conduct the healing process of a wound. If blood does not reach the area of the wound, the healing process will not begin, and instead, the wounds will become larger and pose more threats. Therefore, medical care is essential when it comes to arterial and venous ulcers.

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