Do all New Slot Titles Receive Free Spins as a Welcome? 

There is absolutely no other casino gambling game in the world that has had nearly as exciting a trajectory as slots have over the last 120 years or so. Seriously, that’s far from an exaggeration, ever since Charles D. Fey invented the Liberty Bell machine slots have been evolving, wowing gamblers from across the world in the process. In fact, nowadays well over 50% of all casino gamblers play on slots – it just proves how insanely popular they are! 

The main thing that has helped set slots apart from the rest these days is the fact that slot game developers have been able to constantly make new and different games, something that other casino games like roulette simply cannot do. And then there’s the amazing emergence of online slots too, games that have been instrumental in ushering in the new age of online casino – click to view. It got us thinking; do all new slot titles receive free spins as a welcome? Read on to find out.

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What are welcome free spins? 

So, first things first, for all of the slot beginners out there – what are welcome free spins? In many ways the answer is in the name here, as welcome free spins are things that are regularly given out by online casino sites in order to try and attract more gamblers to play with them. These free spins usually correspond to one or two selected slots, which are usually cult classics such as Starburst. 

Of course, there are things that first time online casino gamblers will need to do in order to qualify for these free spin offers, and the main one is usually depositing a set amount of cash with the online casino site in question. It’s not always necessary though; because more and more online casino sites are offering free spins no deposit welcome offers these days.

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A few reasons why slots sites offer welcome free spins

That is the nature of welcome free spins out of the way, but why do so many slots sites these days offer welcome free spins? There are a few different things to consider here, so keep reading to find out: 

  •       Beat the competition: The modern online casino industry is very competitive indeed, and this means that slots sites really need to do everything they can in order to stand out. Welcome free spins are a great way of doing this, hence why they are so common.
  •       Increase gambling spend: Another reason why welcome free spins are so common at slots sites is that they increase gambling spend. You see, after a few free spins gamblers will have the appetite to spin the reels with their own money – everybody wins! 

Do all new slot titles receive free spins as a welcome? 

Onto the golden question – do all new slot titles receive free spins as a welcome? Unfortunately not, and this is mainly just because of the sheer amount of new slot titles that come out. 

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