Do you dress more formally or casually for church?

When I was a little young boy, probably 80% of males wore a layer, as well as connection to our church, and 90% of females wore gowns. By the time I was in secondary school, 40% of guys wore a coat, as well as a tie, and almost 50% of women put on dresses to church, the majority of genders of middle-aged and senior. Every person else clothed “business informal.” Denim was unusual. Tee shirts also rarer. Shorts were never seen outside the baby room, even in mid-July.

Today, in the church I go to, no guy puts on a fit or sports jacket unless it’s a special celebration. Also, connections are seen less than layers. I’d state less than 5% of females put on outfits on Sunday.

Shorts, t-shirts, as well as sandals, are generally used in warmer weather. My young child wonders why he needs to “dress up” for the church if I inform him to become better denim, as well as a nicer tee t-shirt.

In the small Protestant religion, I come from, no pastor I understand preaches in a coat or connection on a normal Sunday. Pastors, praise employees, as well as other system individuals, dress basically like every person else minus the shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

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These changes in what individuals put on to church reflect the bigger social modifications over the previous fifty years relating to garments. The whole of American society has clothed down. This has generated mainly generational arguments over suitable church outfit. Those that favor more formal gowns suspect casual clothes mirror an ill-mannered, profane attitude towards God. Those who favor laid-back dress feel it mirrors a more authentic method to God. Does either have a scriptural instance?

Does God inform us what we should put on to church?

Extra Consideration?

The discussion over official against informal church apparel is a diminishing one for a minimum of two reasons:

  • the pro-formal event is diminishing, and
  • the pro-formal residue is now so exceeded it rarely seems worth the initiative to suggest

Most people that lament the laid-back fad matured in an age where public dress, in general, was more official. They, like many people in every era, simply thought of their own social norms. It simply had not been “right” to put on laid-back clothes in particular places, specifically in the church.
So, as the social garments norms transformed, and people, commonly more youthful individuals, started wearing informal clothes to those places, including the church, it felt “wrong.” It felt like a type of disrespect, rebellion, towards the older generations. In the church, it seemed like disrespect, rebellion, towards God.

But is this true? Absolutely, on the micro-level of sinful people, plenty of disobedience towards elders and God took place, just as it has in all generations. The pro-formal visitors had their generational expressions like rebellion. Yet from the standpoint of the bible, no compelling exegetical is there to be made that a more formal gown is de facto more respectful towards God than a laid-back dress. Church apparel is a preference developed by culture as well as practice.

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