Do you install kitchen cabinets first or the flooring?

Renovating your kitchen can be the best experience of your life. You may choose the complete renovation of the existing powerhouse of your place or designing a brand-new kitchen for your new place. What matters the most are the kitchen cabinets that take charge to store your items. Do you know that the kitchen cabinet was invented in the 20th century? Most people are confused about the right sequence of installing kitchen cabinets and flooring. Kitchen renovation Sydney tries to solve the mystery with the following key points:

  • When your grandma says that start from the ground, she is right! The kitchen flooring should flow seamlessly, and kitchen cabinets rest over it. Thus, choosing the flooring first has the in-built advantage of a clutter-free look to your place. Nobody wants to damage the kitchen cabinets while trying to replenish the flooring. Hence, priority goes to work on the ground, i.e., kitchen flooring.
  • Most people keep the kitchen flooring same for years while changes the designs and styles of kitchen cabinets regularly. Hence, having kitchen flooring first ensures that you don’t have to start from scratch. Whenever you’re planning to build or renovate the cabinets, it is easy to do with dedicated kitchen flooring in place. If you’re doing the kitchen cabinets first, there is a considerate loss of flexibility in the design of the kitchen cabinets. Hence, the flexibility of styles is best ensured by giving priority to the kitchen cabinets.
  • The kitchen cabinets are available in different options. You may have the taste of coolest design with intricate structure. Thus, fitting your kitchen cabinets before the kitchen flooring may invite damage to the decorative storage at your place. Nobody wants to hurt the kitchen cabinets. Thus, go for the kitchen flooring first. Once you’re done with the messy part, then you can move to the delicate kitchen cabinets. Hence, you can accomplish their installation with the least damage.
  • The installation of the kitchen flooring if done firstly, has the advantage of providing adequate height to the kitchen cabinets. It is easy to place your appliances according to the flooring. The kitchen cabinets are thirty-six inches above the kitchen flooring, and this can be achieved by working on the flooring first.

Modern kitchens Sydney always considers the factors mentioned above before making your choice in the renovation or building of the kitchen. What you can’t afford to miss are the budgets. If you’re working on low budgets, you may not be able to complete the kitchen flooring and kitchen cabinets at one go. It is ok to go for the flooring first, but exceptions are there.

In case, you’re planning to go for floating flooring options; you can prioritize the kitchen cabinets’ installation over the kitchen flooring. The floating floors require proper care in installation and coordination with the kitchen cabinets. Hence, their presence is a must for the flooring. Thus, to sum up, you can make your decision based on the type of flooring and kitchen cabinets you want to go with.

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